Greens elect Ricarda Lang as the new party leader

DThe Greens have elected Member of Parliament Ricarda Lang as the new party leader. At a digital party conference on Saturday, the 28-year-old received 552 yes votes and thus around 76 percent approval. She is the youngest party leader in the Green Party’s more than 40-year history. Lang ran unopposed.

In her application speech, Lang called on the Greens to make the combination of climate protection and justice the basis of their policies. “We have to resolve the false contradiction between climate protection and social issues,” she said. “Now we have to prove that it’s possible.” Governing in the coalition with SPD and FDP is not a punishment, but a great opportunity: “We are not only ready, we really want to.” The Greens must give people support and confidence: “We stand for change, also in hard times.”

Two men are running for second place in the dual leadership of the party leadership. The foreign politician Omid Nouripour is considered the most promising candidate. The previous party leaders, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, did not stand again. However, you are running for the party council, which advises the federal executive board and thus influences party politics.

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