Long-term local boss: 42 years is a record

The municipality in Vorarlberg, which Bantel presides in his ninth term of office, has 524 inhabitants.

“I love doing it,” says Bantel, who was elected for the first time in 1980 at the age of 24. He was the youngest mayor in Austria at the time.

His main task at that time: to create a proper water supply or asphalt roads. Today the job is much more complicated due to the multitude of legal regulations.

Bantel’s advice to all local heads: “You have to like doing it – and not to be re-elected.”

Business settlement debate

Karl Furthmair from St. Georgen near Grieskirchen holds the top spot in Upper Austria. He took office in April 1992. In recent years, discussions about a large company settlement (Pöttinger-Werk) and the expansion of flood protection in the Trattnachtal have shaped his activities.

Gerhard Schaur from Taufkirchen an der Trattnach is the second longest in his function. He was elected mayor in April 1994. In 2021 he stood for election for the last time. Schaur would like to implement a few more projects, such as the renovation of the kindergarten and the extension of the crèche. Alfred Allerstorfer, Mayor of St. Ulrich im Mühlkreis, Rupert Imlinger, Mayor of Oberndorf near Schwanenstadt, and Alois Gruber, Mayor of Pilsbach, came in third. The three have been in office since May 1996.


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