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The investigation, which is dangerous for Prime Minister Johnson, should soon become public. But in a defused version, as British media reports – so as not to influence police investigations.

The much-anticipated investigative report into Downing Street lockdown parties is set to be released in a heavily censored version. British media reported this on Friday evening, citing government sources. The handover of the report to Prime Minister Boris Johnson is therefore imminent. The official presentation in the London House of Commons is not expected before the beginning of the week.

The censorship of the report, which was originally considered explosive, is related to police investigations. In a statement on Friday, she asked for “minimal reference to the events being investigated by the Metropolitan Police to be made in the Cabinet Office report”. This should prevent “any bias” in the investigation, it was said to be the justification.

After that, it was initially unclear whether the Gray report would be published much later after the investigation was completed or soon in a censored version. The decision in favor of the latter should be welcome news for Boris Johnson – especially since the full report is not expected to be published later. The opposition parties insist on full publication. The police investigation, on the other hand, could later only be about whether those involved have to pay fines.

Johnson gains valuable time

This could significantly weaken the explosive force of both investigations, on which no less than Johnson’s political survival depends. The Prime Minister has so far dismissed almost all questions about the parties, citing the ongoing investigation and denied any knowledge of lockdown violations. Now he gains valuable time, because a heavily censored report is unlikely to endanger him. The danger of a revolt in his faction seems to have been averted for the time being.

According to reports, government officials and Johnson himself are said to have disregarded the self-imposed corona rules with celebrations during the pandemic. If this is confirmed, a vote of no confidence in Johnson, for which at least 54 Tory MPs would have to position themselves against him in writing, is likely. But it will be weeks before that is resolved. The list of suspected illegal gatherings is long: several Christmas parties, a birthday party, a garden party and late-night drinking before the funeral of Queen’s husband Prince Philip. Many Britons have recently been outraged.

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