The best images of the Photographic Association of Toledo are exhibited in San Clemente




The deputy for Health and Social Welfare, María José Gallego, today inaugurated an interesting exhibition made up of 73 snapshots selected by the Toledo Photographic Association (AFT), which are part of the ‘AFT selection 2021’ exhibition, which can now be visited at the San Clemente Cultural Center and until next February 25.

The deputy opened this exhibition together with the president of the Toledo Photographic Association, Eduardo Salas, the Councilor for Education and Culture of the Toledo City Council, Teo García, and a large representation of the association, participants in an exhibition that collects the photographs chosen each week by the Toledo Photographic Association during 2021, adding a total of 52 photographs, to which must be added the twenty chosen from the year 2020, when the exhibition could not be held due to the effects of the pandemic.

Y To this selection we must add the photograph taken by José María Moreno, entitled “Lunar Analema”, which is the sample image and offers what is known in astronomy as an analemma, which is the curve that describes the position of the Sun in the sky if it is observed at the same time of day every day of the year (time zone ) and from the same place of observation.

María José Gallego has highlighted «the importance of reflecting our environment through photographic cameras, recording the reality in which we live and often showing those things that would go unnoticed if it were not for the fact that they are portrayed by the lens that captures them forever”.

The deputy pointed out the importance of having an exhibition of these characteristics in the San Clemente Cultural Center, “because collects the work of many people over a year, which in this case is extended to two due to the impossibility of having held it in 2020, and that defines the commitment of the more than 100 partners with photography and with everything they see and capture in a different way».

And he also underlined the fact that “the exhibition ranges from traditional or chemical photography, with development and printing in the dark room, to the most modern digital photography with software editing and photomontage.”

For his part, the president of the Toledo Photographic Association, Eduardo Salas, thanked the Toledo Provincial Council for its availability to facilitate the organization of this Exhibition, which serves to publicize the work of the AFT members and their vocation for photography in its different possibilities.

Both María José Gallego and Eduardo Salas valued the collaboration between both entities to carry out the already consolidated Photography Contest of the province of Toledo, which in this year 2022 will celebrate its fifth edition.

About the association

The Photographic Association of Toledo (APT) was born in November 2009 thanks to the concerns of a group of people for promoting any type of activity related to photography and the interest in filling the existing void, both in the city of Toledo and in many towns in the province, as there is no group that brings together, not only photography professionals, but also to fans.

Thanks to this initiative, the province of Toledo has associative representation in Castilla-La Mancha, as other regional towns have for many years.

The great interest aroused by the AFT since its creation has boosted the considerable increase in members, among other things thanks to his eagerness to welcome all people with a desire to share techniques and experiences, to create a large stable, open, heterogeneous and multicultural group where photography can be promoted in all kinds of fields and social conditions.

The Toledo Photographic Association is characterized by its activities related to the world of photography such as exhibitions, master classes, training workshops, photographic outings, participation in different contests, photos of the week, monthly challenges, etc.

The exhibition will remain open until February 25, and can be visited completely free of charge, as is the case with all the exhibitions at the San Clemente Cultural Center, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 12:00 to 19:00.

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