These are the future Greens chairmen

Bboth like to laugh. Omid Nouripour has it deep in his throat, his whole body trembles, he lifts his chin and falls back in his chair. Ricarda Lang just keeps talking in a fit of laughter, chuckling between the words. Conversations with both have a high entertainment value. They also like the shallow silliness. In a YouTube video, Nouripour wants to win the moderator for his Eintracht Frankfurt fan club in the Bundestag and asks him if he has anything to do with the “bubble”, “well, you know, not with peeing, ho, ho,” he means the political bubble.

Ricarda Lang sits on the show “Disslike” and comments on nasty comments that reach her via social media. “Can’t even pull her lipstick” is definitely one of the nicer ones. “Unfortunately that’s true,” Lang giggles, “I really can’t do that.”

The two are said to be on the phone at least five times a day. They probably joke sometimes too. Lang, the previous deputy chairwoman, and Nouripour, most recently foreign policy spokesman for the parliamentary group in the Bundestag, want to be elected as the new party leaders of the Greens this Saturday.

No footsteps to fill: Omid Nouripour

No footsteps to fill: Omid Nouripour

Image: dpa

The Left Party and Realo replace Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, but their job will be different. “Dream team” in the spotlight is not the role that the outgoing board thought up for his successors. The fact that Nouripour told the “Handelsblatt” that it was wrong to believe that “one can follow in the footsteps of predecessors and fill them in” met with approval. The new chairmen should not compete with Habeck and Baerbock, they should let the ministers shine. It is certainly helpful to approach this task with a dose of self-mockery.

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