“We will not abandon the Catalans, we will not take a single step back”




«Everything begins. No more hanging your head.” With this basic motto, Valents had summoned the citizens this Saturday to present his political project of constitutionalist unity in Catalonia. Although it will be the polls that will endorse, or not, the new party, more than 300 people, the maximum allowed in the capacity of the Born Center Cultural in Barcelona, ​​have supported the proposal in an act in which the promoters of the project have ratified their commitment to work for all Catalans and against nationalism.

Eva Parera, the most visible face of the party, wanted to start her speech making clear her «firm commitment: we will not leave Catalonia, we will not abandon the Catalans». “Here we will continue, we will not take a step back”, continued the one who leads the local group of Valents in the Barcelona City Council before emphasizing that “Catalonia does not belong to some, we have to internalize this concept”.

Training sources point out to ABC that they see themselves interceding in state politics but without creating territorial factions that go beyond Catalan territory.

“Divisions weaken us, make us poorer. The independence movement has managed to divide the opponents”, recalled Parera, who recalled that the situation can only be turned around “only in one way, adding, adding, adding forces, acronyms and matches. Either we react at once or the decline of Catalonia will be very difficult to reverse.

The political scientist and consultant Juan Arza, who was in charge of presenting the event, highlighted that Valents “is the project that Catalan society, and I dare say that Spanish society as well, needs”. He himself, in addition, has also made it clear that the formation presented this Saturday “It does not intend to become one more part of the partyocracy. He is not going to leave Catalonia and is going to dedicate himself exclusively to defending the Catalan constitutionalists.

Against those who want to destroy Spain

The promoters of Valents have also made it clear that one of their objectives is that the Government does not return to depending on parties “that want to destroy Spain”, Arza has remarked. The main lines of the program, which have been known today, emphasize that independence parties such as JpC, ERC, the CUP or Bildu «blackmail, are disloyal and use their power to attack citizens who do not think like them».

Paula Añó, one of the first to speak, got the first great applause of the event by defending that she wants «a Barcelona in which I can dare to say Long live the King!». “Independence will win if we are separated. he has known how to join… and ‘ho will return to fer’ (alluding to Jordi Cuixart’s phrase during the trial for 1-O)«.

The same argument has been one of the most defended by Jean Castel, one of the historic positions of Cs in Gerona and who has joined the proposal of Valents, who has called for the union of constitutionalism “to put an end to nationalism, to have a new fund of opportunities. «We have not come to put band-aids but solutions to each problem”, he added.

Yeray Mellado, one of the youngest members of the team and who presided over the student organization S’ha Acabat!, also spoke to remind us that “we are here for freedom and equality”. «We are not here to get a couple or three deputies. We are here to win, to govern and to defend all Catalans”, he remarked, while making a call to involve the youngest: “we have to get involved in politics, things are not changed from the sofa”.

The platform has chosen, as already advanced, the Born Center for Culture and Memory, a facility in the center of Barcelona steeped in centuries of history and that in recent years has been used especially by the independence movement and that is the perfect example of what the training wants to achieve: put an end to the appropriation by certain groups of some spaces or institutions. «No place in Catalonia is exclusive to independence; Catalonia belongs to everyone”, they emphasize in this sense.

After today’s staging, Valents gets down to work to celebrate in one or two months a founding congress to start working to be present in the 947 Catalan municipalities. For the new formation, this is essential so that the law is respected and management is focused on the municipalities’ own competences and not on being, as until now, sectarian and useless speakers of independence.

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