A juror’s link to Chanel tarnishes his victory amid accusations of “thong”



There is no selection of the Spanish representative to Eurovision without controversy and this year, in the Benidorm festivalIt wasn’t going to be any different. Already in the semifinals, in which both the professional and the popular jury showed their cards, a compromised victory could be predicted in the final on Saturday. With Chanel as the favorite of the professionals, Tanxungueiras with the public vote in her pocket and a vindictive Rigoberta Bandini acclaimed on the networks, the final result was not going to be unanimous.

Chanel Terrero (96 points) will represent Spain in Eurovision. This was determined by the 20 points from the televote, 25 from the demographic jury and no less than 51 points awarded by the professional jury. Behind her was Rigoberta Bandini, with 91 points, and behind Tanxugueiras, who despite receiving the maximum number of votes from the public, the little help from the professional jury propelled them to third place in the final ranking.

It didn’t take anything else for it to explode. war on the networks.

Under the hashtag #Tongo, a heated debate began that clouded the victory of the brand-new winner due to a result branded as “unfair”. Added to the anger at the disparity in the votes is a detail that has already been commented on in recent days and which ‘La Voz de Galicia’ echoes this Sunday: the link between one of the members of the jury and the winner. It’s about the choreographer Miryam Benedited, who is currently working on ‘Your face sounds to me’, a program in which Chanel also danced.

In addition to being old acquaintances It so happens that one of the current dancers of the one that will be the representative of Spain in Eurovision works with Miryam Benedited. This link between the two, moreover, has been quickly demonstrated by the most avid users, who have not been slow to find photographs in which they appear together and which were taken in 2015 and 2016.

Viewers were not convinced by the jury vote and branded as strategic the decision to rate the very favorite of the public, Tanxugueiras, with a very low rating so that they would not have a chance to win. “The festival that the jury wants”, insisted a number of users on Twitter, questioning its impartiality.

But not only in the networks, because the Palau Municipal d’Esports de Benidorm also witnessed boos and shouts by Rigoberta Bandini and the Tanxugueiras, the clear favorites of the spectators.

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