Bernardo Fernández wins the PSdeG primaries in La Coruña with a wide advantage over Noa Díaz



It was the umpteenth attempt by the ‘Gonzalist’ movement to preserve some plots of power in Galician socialism after having lost the helm of the PSdeG in the regional primaries, first, and the spokesperson for the parliamentary group, later. In the battle for the general secretary of the province of La Coruna, Finally, Bernardo Fernández prevailed. The candidate, close to the general directorate, won these primary elections in A Coruña by a wide margin, being voted for by the 76.56% of voters: In total, 1,902 votes deposited in the polls had Fernández’s name printed on them. His rival, Noa Díaz, was voted for by 22% of the A Coruña militancy, with 558 votes counted.

In the provincial primaries, to which the 3,900 militants that the party has in La Coruña were called to participate, Fernández, mayor of Pontedeume, and the regional deputy Díaz faced each other. The first, close to the new general secretary of the party, Valentín González Formous.

In fact, he had accompanied him as spokesman for the PSdeG in the Coruña provincial institution. Noa Díaz, for her part, was part of the leadership of the party headed by the previous leader of the formation and loser in the regional primaries, Gonzalo Caballero.

Fernández presented himself to these provincial primaries with two objectives: the spirit of preparing the party for the municipal elections of 2023, which are the strong point of the Galician socialists in contrast to their journey in the desert in the regional Parliament . And also, but more in the long term, with the will to cContribute to support González Formoso to the presidency of the Xunta. The promises of candidate Noa Díaz, on the other hand, followed the usual line of ‘Gonzalist’ speeches: the focus on militancy and on giving more voice to the party’s small municipal groups.

Unlike what happened in the provincial organic processes of Lugo and Pontevedra, in the primaries of La Coruña there had been no agreement between the two candidates and the primaries became inevitable. Nor had there been an agreement in the internal elections of the party in Orense. There, Rafael Rodríguez Villarino clearly prevailed over the mayor of O Barco de Valdeorras, Alfredo García, last week and revalidated his position as provincial general secretary for another four years. In a broader reading, and with a regional perspective, that victory was a ball of oxygen to the ‘gonzalismo’ in its lowest hours. Now, in the ‘second round’, in La Coruña, González Formoso’s men revalidate their leadership in Galicia through Fernández’s candidacy.

The province of La Coruña is the one with the largest volume of socialist militancy in Galicia, but they only went to exercise their right to vote in the 65 electoral centers 6 out of 10 militants of the PSdeG from A Coruña.

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