‘Escuela de todos’ defends from Vic 25% of Castilian despite the veto of the City Council




A information tent in Vic to collect signatures and thus demand from the Generalitat the application of the ruling that requires 25% of the classes to be taught in Spanish. It would not be of greater importance if last week, the mayor of this municipality of Barcelona, ​​Anna Erra (Junts), had not vetoed the presence of ‘school of everythings’, under the argument of “hitting against public opinion.”

This Sunday, the association has finally installed a stand next to the market to fulfill its objective. In the surroundings, a large deployment of Mossos d’Esquadra. “We are here to inform. We do not like this situation, in which it seems that tension can be generated, but we want there to be equal linguistic rights, so that our children can study in the two official languages ​​of Catalonia», has claimed its spokesperson, Ana Losada.

Next Friday will end the term that the Generalitat has to inform the Justice on how it intends to apply the ruling. “Everything indicates that he is going to disobey, in that case we ask the Government of Spain to act. Citizens are not here to be heroes”, Losada has reproached, who has stressed that “nobody is against Catalan”, as some passersby -few- have reproached him as he passed through the tent.

Vox, PP and Cs support

To support the deployment of ‘everyone’s school‘ Representatives from the Catalan Civil Society (SCC), Vox, PP and Cs have traveled to Vic, the latter, also with a tent a few meters from the platform. Manuel Acosta, spokesman for Vox in Parliament, has stressed the need for Spanish to be the vehicular language of Catalonia. «It is an anomaly that in a part of Spain children cannot study in Spanish», he has reproached.

For his part, Manuel Reyes (PP) has defended his presence in Vic after a group of “hooded men” rebuked them last week, and the mayor also vetoed an act of his party in the municipality. While Carlos Carrizosa (Cs) has opined that the town is “full of tolerant people against the intolerance of their government.”

Throughout the morning, dozens of people have come to the ‘Escuela de todos’ tent to sign in favor of the application of 25% of Spanish in the classrooms of Catalonia. As detailed by Losada, by noon they had already collected 40 signatures.

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