Friends and relatives of the PSOE distributed more than 600,000 euros in San Martín de Valdeiglesias

The team’s report Economic Crimes of the Civil Guard, which is part of the summary of the Pantano operation, to which ABC has had access, unravels the tangle of family and friendship relationships that have benefited economically for the management of the former socialist mayor of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, María Luz Lastras, in the period 2015-2019. The research is compelling and brings to light more thanand € 600,000s in paid invoices that were distributed without service contracts to justify them and with a process plagued with irregularities.

At police analysis of billing, “the progressive increase in bills from 2014 to 2019” is verified and figures in

«50,000 euros approximately the proportion of increase in volume per year». With the exception of the period from 2018 a 2019, which could be “due to the entry in the middle of that same year of the new government team”, which is from the PP, whose mayor, Mercedes Zarzalejo, denounced the facts.

In several pages of the summary it is stated with forcefulness the damage that you are family relationships or friendship have caused the public treasury, emphasizing that “those investigated could act taking advantage of their charges for the enrichment of themselves or their friends and family.” The police operation, after the Registration of the municipal dependencies that took place on December 15, 2021, ended with 17 arrested between politicians and businessmen, including the former mayor and the former councilor for Works, Luis Lastras.

The Civil Guard has prepared a Organization chart about the relationship between the different members of the then government team and the family relationships among them (attached to the information), emphasizing that the “influence over public officials or officials is nothing more than obtaining the economic disposition for the profit of individuals or companies with affinity or familiarity, instrumented through the execution of the prevaricated act.”

Maria Luz Lastras (Mayor)

«Crowd of relatives in the City Hall»

The mayor of the PSOE in San Martín de Valdeiglesias between 2015 and 2019, “she has a multitude of relatives who interact with her in the town hall, either as councilors or as administrative staff.” “His partner is Julián Blázquez, administrator of Pool Garden GB Installations and construction services,” the report indicates.

Luis Lastras (former councilor)

Cousin of the former mayor and father of a former mayor

Luis Lastras was mayor of works in the mandate prior to María Luz Lastras, of whom he is a cousin. «He is married to María del Carmen Ortiz, a city council administrator and whose son, Pablo Luis Lastras, was mayor of Sports. Pablo’s current partner, Mónica Martín Solano, was also a councilor for Health, therefore Luis Lastras’s daughter-in-law, “according to the police report. The former couple Monica Martin Solano It was Mario García Deza, head of studies at the School of Music.

Maria Micieces (worker)

Former press officer and cousin of a monitor

María Micieces is an agent of Local development and was press officer of the former mayor and, previously, socialist mayor. Is cousin of Jorge Micieces, hired as a sports monitor.

David Macqueda

Partner of the mayor’s former press officer

The partner of María Pérez Micieces, David Maqueda, who held the position of press officer, is linked to the commercial Cipri Motorcycles-Machinery. “The total billed amounts to 69,005.52 euros, not having a contract with the city council,” says the report.

Luis Haro (former councilman)

Brother-in-law of the municipal works manager

The Civil Guard indicates that Luis Haro is “former mayor of Works. Your partner is Alicia Dieguez Bravo. His brother-in-law is Carlos Diéguez, who cannot perform the functions of municipal architect, so the firm as municipal architect performs it Ernesto Duran Battle, spokesperson for Podemos in the municipality of Robledo de Chavela. He does not appear as a worker hired by the city council ». The company in which he worked and in which he requested the leave of absence, Pavimar SA, facted 73,270 euros.

Caroline Francis

Cousin of the former Sports Councilor

Carolina de Francisco was arrested in the municipal register. Manage the canine center Mount IDA. She is the cousin of the former Councilor for Sports, Pablo Luis Lastras, and the niece of Luis Lastras and Maria del Carmen Ortiz. It performs the animal collection service in the municipality and “is not registered to carry out the activity”. The Civil Guard warns of the “large volume of billing lacking a contract”: “In 2019 there was the largest increase in billing, the total volume of animal collection reaches an amount of 145,027.88 euros, which represents a percentage increase of 320.16% in the total of the exercise». Complaint that invoice, in some cases, “for the same service in triplicate”.

Manuel Sanz Zapata

Municipal architect and has a company

Manuel Sanz “works as an engineer for the city council and invoices through his company ZM Ingenieros SLP. He acts as a false self-employed person as it is a monthly contract for regular jobs at the town hall. The company presented “51 invoices” for a value of more than 14.000 euros.

Happy Gonzalez (former mayor)

He hired his brother-in-law’s company

Felix Gonzalez is former Councilor for Personnel. “The sources consulted for this instruction place him as the brother-in-law of Serafín González, head of the company Gráficas Serafín SL”, which presented irregular invoices for 112.502,38 euros. Later, he says that he is “first cousin.”

Anthony Rodriguez

Relative of a former councilor

family of Carolina Rodriguez Sanchez, Antonio Rodríguez, is mayor of the PSOE between 2011-2015 and sister of Beatriz Rodríguez Sánchez, who works with her husband, Daniel Ponce Molina, in the Treasury of the City Council. The Civil Guard notes “turnover of 60,872.31 euros between 2014-2019.”

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