Greens: Palmer competes in Tübingen against his own party

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From: Florian Nauman

Boris Palmer at a press event near Tübingen. © ULMER/

A curious showdown takes place in Tübingen in autumn: Boris Palmer against the Greens. Party friends are angry – and point to an even weirder option.

Tübingen – From the party’s enfant terrible to the opponent in the struggle for a stronghold of the Greens *: Boris Palmer is serious. The long-serving mayor of Tübingen is running as a non-party candidate in the new elections in autumn – then probably also against the Greens, who are currently conducting party expulsion proceedings against Palmer.

The friends of the party in the Swabian city reacted coldly to the plan at the weekend; they pointed to a rather whimsical-looking option. Palmer, on the other hand, had no intention of confronting his longstanding party. He presented his candidacy as a forced variant.

Greens: Palmer competes against the party in Tübingen – and praises it as a “political home”

Palmer announced the move on its website on Sunday. More than 800 eligible voters had a call for support, Palmer wrote A similarly large number of people provided this support with a monetary donation. The necessary budget for an election campaign came together in just one week. “I can’t thank you enough for that encouragement. You made the difference: I will apply for a third term.”

Palmer stressed that it was difficult for him to run without the support of the party, which he has belonged to for 25 years. “My political home is and will remain the Greens in Baden-Württemberg,” he wrote. He wants to contribute to their success and that of the government of Baden-Württemberg’s Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. “But in this election, I’m denied that for well-known reasons.”

Palmer recently announced that he no longer wanted to run as a Green Party candidate in his city’s mayoral election in the fall – because of his possible expulsion from the party. The 49-year-old has been mayor of the university town since 2007. In search of support for his possible election campaign as a non-party candidate, Palmer had collected 100,000 euros in the past few days.

Palmer against Greens: party friends angry – candidacy without membership as an option?

The Greens in Tübingen were very disappointed with Palmer’s move. “We regret that he does not face the party’s vote,” said Marc Mausch, spokesman for the Tübingen Greens city council, on Sunday of the dpa with a view to the planned Green candidate primary election *. Palmer’s decision does not show sovereignty, it forces the Greens to divide their forces.

“He doesn’t care about the party, he’s already shown that,” said Mausch. He considers the party exclusion procedure as a reason to be advanced. Mausch’s thesis: Even as a non-Green, Palmer could have run for the green party as mayor.

Greens are conducting exclusion proceedings against Palmer – the outcome is still open

Palmer, who is known nationwide but has been controversial in his party for years, is currently threatened with expulsion because the Greens accuse him of calculated taboo breaches and gaffes. A state party conference at the beginning of May last year decided to initiate a so-called party order procedure against him. An internal party arbitration board at state level is to decide on the expulsion.

The trigger for the procedure was a Facebook post by Palmer in May about former German national player Dennis Aogo, in which Palmer uses the so-called N-word. This term is used today to describe a racist term for blacks that was used in Germany in the past. Palmer insisted his statement was meant ironically. (dpa / fn) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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