Igea will be in the debate, either “online, in person and even in a seance”




The Ciudadanos candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Francisco Igea, has confirmed this Sunday his presence in the electoral debate for three that should be held on Monday and has advanced that he will be at the appointment, either “online, in person and even in séance. In a video released through their social networks, since he remains confined after testing positive for COVID last Friday, he has stressed that they are the only option for a “sensible, clean, transparent, open, progressive government that does not fall into xenophobia and populism, neither left nor of rights”.

“Here is Ciudadanos, speaking of the truth, of transparency, with realism to our population,” Igea has maintained, who has repeated that if Cs enters the Board it will be “a guarantee of a sensible government.”

«We are going to continue working every day, in each act, telematic or presencel, to ensure that this change continues and that our presence in the Government continues as a guarantee of this change”, he underlined.

He recalled that the formation “is rising” and “will achieve the objectives” to “ensure that this Community continues to have an open, transparent, truly transforming government and to prevent it from going backwards, towards clientelism, and that populists enter” . “Castilla y León does not deserve it, just as a president who lies to them does not deserve it,” he accused in reference to the PP candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. “He deserves a clean government and that is why we are here and we are going to get it,” he appealed.

Regarding the election day this Saturday, he recalled that the visit to Valladolid by the former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar He allowed to listen to “a good intervention” that, however, gives the “right” to Ciudadanos, because he pointed out that “it cannot be Casado’s campaign, that it cannot be agreed with extremists and that Spain cannot allow that option that they promulgate Mañueco and Casado himself». “It was a good intervention in favor of, just quite the opposite of what Mañueco asks in these elections”, he charged.

He also recalled that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has come to Zamora “Don’t you know what he promised? Mount the Queen. Sánchez does not fail, he always promises the same in all campaigns, we will see if he ever comes to inaugurate it instead of promising it, which is his specialty, “Igea concluded.

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