SZ in the evening: The compact weekend of January 30, 2022 – politics

The weekend compact – What was important

Moscow insists on security guarantees. Russia is demanding a binding commitment against Ukraine joining NATO and has massed more than 100,000 soldiers at the border. A Russian invasion of the neighboring country is feared. Great Britain announces that it will expand its military engagement in Eastern Europe. Go to Article

Storm low causes heavy damage. Although “Nadia” is not one of the most violent storms in history, memories of the storm surge of 1962 are awakened in the north. A person dies, the gusts damage houses and cars. What is the impact of global warming? To the article (SZ Plus)

Where the new Greens want to go. At the Green Party Congress in Berlin, the two newly elected co-chairs made many promises. Lang focuses on the intertwining of climate and social policy. Nouripour had already announced before his election that he wanted to introduce more effective structures in the party headquarters, so that the Greens would have a better hand on the K question in the next federal election. Go to Article

Ampel wants to cancel the EEG surcharge earlier. Ministers Habeck and Lindner want to relieve consumers more – and the Chancellery is now supporting them in this. The concern: the high energy costs could jeopardize the approval of the climate change. Go to Article

Italy’s parliament re-elects Mattarella as president. After seven unsuccessful ballots, Italy’s parliament is forcing Mattarella into a second term. That leaves Draghi as Premier. Nevertheless, this choice and the long fuss surrounding it has consequences. It is a crushing defeat for the political class and its leaders. Go to Article

Nadal clinches Grand Slam record in memorable final. Nadal wins the Australian Open. In a spectacular final, the Spaniard defeated the Russian Medvedev in five sets and overtook Federer and Djokovic in the all-time rankings with his 21st major title. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

Current information on the Corona crisis

Lindner: Relaxation should be an issue in February. According to the Minister of Finance, one should already work specifically on when and under what conditions gradual openings can take place. 118,970 new corona infections were reported to the Robert Koch Institute. Go to Article

Countries do not use the Luca app. 13 federal states spent more than 20 million euros on the app. Now many are getting out of the contracts. From the start, data protection and data security were criticized at Luca, but there are now doubts about the practical use of the app. Go to Article

Most read on the weekend

“Did you hug Ms. Merkel goodbye?” – “No”. Steffen Seibert was spokesman for the federal government for eleven years, longer than anyone before him. Now, for the first time since leaving office, he is talking about his relationship with the chancellor, the shock of a cell phone being left behind and the dangers to which Western democracy is exposed today. Go to Article (SZ Plus / SZ Magazin)

Opinion: US Judge Stephen Breyer: His last great act. Stephen Breyer’s resignation as Supreme Court Justice reveals sobering news about the state of a venerable American institution. And poses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for President Joe Biden. Go to Article

Three minutes in the blast chiller for 800 kilocalories. Shivering in cold chambers, wrapped in nitrogen at minus 150 degrees, is suddenly considered the method of choice to become slimmer, more beautiful and fitter. But what about the treatment? To the article (SZ Plus)

Last but not least

“A compliment fuels self-esteem”. Putting appreciation into words is very important in relationships. What is important? How do you know if you are being manipulated? And what if your partner doesn’t compliment you enough? A conversation with the psychotherapist Christine Geschke. Go to Article (SZ Plus / SZ Magazin)

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