That changes with the new property tax 2022 for property owners

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Because the property tax is being reformed, properties have to be revalued. © Jens Büttner/dpa

Everything new from 2025: Preparations for the new property tax have been underway since this year. This requires the cooperation of owners. You must provide data for the recalculation.

Berlin – After a court overturned the old basis for calculating property tax in Germany, owners and the tax office will have to work together on property tax reform in the coming months. The formula for calculating the property tax, which consists of the property tax value, the tax index and the assessment rate, remains the same, but the previous unit values ​​as the basis for calculation are no longer valid. For the recalculation, owners have to submit a declaration of assessment to their tax office this year – an individual calculation basis for the property tax is then created from this information. reveals exactly what property owners and homeowners have to consider when it comes to property tax.*

The recalculation of the property tax promises a great deal of bureaucracy for owners. The new property tax, which will be levied from 2025, should enable a much fairer and constitutional regulation. However, property owners cannot avoid cooperation: Anyone who fails to meet the deadlines set by the tax authorities risks fines and, in the worst case, an estimate of the information. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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