The Board recalls that the single application campaign for the PAC 2022 begins on Tuesday, February 1




The Board has recalled that the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) published the order by which the single application campaign of the PAC 2022 beginning Tuesday, February 1 and that it will last, in principle, until April 30, where around 64,000 applications are expected to be received.

This is the second transition campaign for the application of the post-2020 CAP reform, which will come into force on January 1, 2023. The single application for the 2022 CAP is “transcendental”, as they have stressed from the Ministry of Agriculture, since the amounts of the basic payment this year will be taken as a reference for the determination of the main payment dissociated from the new PAC 2023-2027, which will be called basic aid for sustainability income .

In addition, this new regulation carries implicit pcomplementary redistributive acts to the first hectares of the farm and in the case of young farmers, the corresponding supplementary payment for meeting conditions similar to the current period and which will reach an identical value to the average value of the region’s right to sustainability income support until a limit of 100 hectares.

It has also reported that maximum flexibility will be guaranteed possible to farmers and ranchers, always bearing in mind the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, with measures such as granting more time, if necessary, so that entities and administrations can process applications correctly, increasing advances for direct payments and aid for rural development or the reduction of control rates, all subject to the approval of the Commission, informs Ical.

Most outstanding novelties

The main changes relate to the application of the process of convergence of the individual value of rights, so that in 2022 all the rights reach at least a value of 73 percent with respect to the average value of the region. With this decision, convergence will be more gradual within the framework of the new CAP and is part of the proposal for the Strategic Plan of Spain, in which convergence is foreseen in five years, with increases of three points each year, so that in 2026 the lowest average value of a right in a region reaches 85% of the average value.

In addition, aid has been made more flexible associated with livestock to facilitate access to young livestock farmers, also to those who start the activity and submit the single application for the first time.

With this, limitations on the use of pastures are maintained of public ownership and of common use of pastures, to avoid the creation of artificial conditions and limiting their eligibility in the case of being declared, to that they be used directly by the applicant’s livestock.

pilot projects

Another important point for the future CAP is that the cmonitoring and information controls may be used as a tool to improve information for farm management. This is especially necessary to face the new added requirements linked to sustainability, for which it will be important to obtain certain results indicators and also to respond to the greater environmental ambition within the framework of the new green architecture and specifically the new aid that will be implemented in 2023 of eco-schemes or eco-regime.

Own management program

The management program of the Autonomous Administration will continue to be used for the application of the aid of the Common Agrarian Policy since it includes all the novelties to make it easier for professionals, professional agricultural organizations and other collaborating entities to present the single 2022 application and avoid mistakes when making it.

To obtain more information about the application of the PAC 2022 campaign, the Junta de Castilla y León has a PAC web portal, which includes computer applications, regulations and a space to consult the information on each farm. Inquiries can also be directed through the telephone number 012 or through the regional agrarian sections.

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