The new matador and the last bull return the emotion on the anniversary of La México




The new Mexican bullfighter John Peter Llaguno, who yesterday took the alternative, cut off the only ear of the afternoon at the beginning of the Anniversary Fair in Plaza México, where the celebration that came very uphill was barely saved because the game of the Xajay bulls It had not been what was expected, nor was the entry that was registered, since barely eight thousand spectators attended the Monumental de Insurgentes.

Llaguno made a quality work, very much in tune with the qualities of the Xajay bull that entered the ring in sixth place. Bravo, fixed and very noble. At first it had been difficult for the Toricantano, a totally understandable fact since it was just his first bull as a matador, but later he complemented himself with the bull and both achieved a exciting job that the public enjoyed, but above all the bullfighter and the rancher enjoyed it, who was having a hard time, but already with that bull he saved the ballot.

Llaguno, in the alternative, was serene although the horn was very lackluster.

Without cutting ears, Anthony Ferrera He once again made it clear that he is a bullfighter who interests the public, because in addition to being spontaneous, unpredictable, he knows how to fight well and is devoted.

With that premise he was in his two enemies, the second that allowed him more than the first, in which by the way he wore a lot of banderille accompanied by his godson Llaguno. The sword deprived him of having cut off an ear, but that the public wants to see him again, that’s a fact.

the hydrowarm Juan Pablo Sanchez He could do little with his first one, because it was the horn that they protested, and although he tempered it, nobody turned to see him. With his second he was firm in a facet that makes him a more complete bullfighter, leaving his name intact before the capital’s public.

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