the third dose of the vaccine prevents the coronavirus in two out of three toilets




Two out of three toilets have not been infected with coronavirus thanks to the third dose of the vaccine that was administered to them at the end of last year. It is one of the main conclusions of the study carried out by the Valencian COVID-19 Vaccine Research Program (ProVaVac) of the Generalitat to determine the effectiveness of this Extra puncture against Ómicron.

The follow-up carried out on the personnel of the health department of the General Hospital of Alicante during the first fortnight of January, a period in which this variant was behind 96% of the positives, confirms that the booster dose increases protection up to 63%, fifteen points more than that registered in people with only two doses.

[El colapso en Atención Primaria por el coronavirus deriva en «insultos y agresiones» a los sanitarios valencianos]

A “very positive” result that “allows us to be hopeful” regarding the effects of the drug, according to the general director of Analysis and Public Policies, Ana Berenguer, taking into account the high exposure to the virus of this group of professionals in their daily fight against the covid-19. In fact, the Valencian Community is the region with the most infected health workers since the start of the pandemic: 20,049, 1,252 of them in the last fourteen days.

In this sense, Berenguer points out that the data obtained confirm that this booster dose “is essential to limit the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant.” In addition, it reduces both contagion and the severity of the disease, since the number of hospitalizations has fallen by 73% compared to the worst peak recorded in January 2021, despite having twice the incidence -more than 4,000 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants-.

The general director is hopeful after the results of the predictive models about infections and hospitalizations, as well as with the conclusions of the study, given that, according to her, “they allow us to glimpse with some optimism the evolution of the pandemic in the next weeks”.

Finally, it appeals to the responsibility of citizens, highlighting the importance of “social behavior” to end the pandemic, and he recalled that the use of the mask, the ventilation of spaces and maintaining social distance to avoid contagion continue to be necessary.

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