This is how the municipal engineer extorted merchants




One of the episodes that reflects the gravity of what was happening in San Martín de Valdeiglesias was led by the engineer Manuel Sanz Zapata and its company ZM Ingenieros SLP. The testimonies of businessmen and local police before the Civil Guard they reveal the extortion carried out by Manuel Sanz Zapata, by making the granting of activity licenses conditional on the reports being made by his company, in exchange for cash payments. In the event that this was not the case, he sent local police officers to carry out inspections.

The report of the Civil Guard, to which ABC has had access, affirms: «The administrators of the mercantile companies and owners of the affected premises were ‘guided’ to carry out the

adaptation projects for the mandatory granting of the opening license, with the company ZM Ingenieros; otherwise, it would not be accepted by the competent municipal body appointed precisely by one of the administrators of the company ZM Ingenieros; or in which case it would entail an excessive dilation in time with the economic losses that this entails».

In other pages of voluminous summary, the Civil Guard assures that «Manuel Sanz Zapata, using the attribution of public functions, requested that inspections be carried out in those premises that refused to carry out the project with ZM Ingenieros SLP. Likewise, as a clear indicator of the illegality of the acts perpetrated by the engineer is the fact that the payment of the services he performed in cash, the amount of the invoice not coinciding with the amount delivered; In some cases, the invoice issued reflects only fifty percent of the cash delivered.


In view of these facts, the Civil Guard underlines in its report the double way of acting Manuel Sanz Zapata in their relationship with the city council: “One of them as a representative of the company ZM Ingenieros, which issued advisory reports on industrial engineering when issuing a technical report on the suitability of the different activities that intended to operate in establishments within the municipality; and another for the issuance of suitability certificates for facilities subject to administrative authorisations». It also issued “certificates as a municipal technical engineer to report on disciplinary proceedings.”

This action generated a bullying status in merchants, as reflected in their statements to the Civil Guard. These are some of the testimonials: «Manuel Sanz, at the time of asking him for the project, asked him for 150,000 pesetas more, and that he should pay him in cash»; «He felt directed by Manuel Sanz to carry out the ZM Ingenieros project, who did coerce him when he requested the project and the invoice for what was paid and Manuel Sanz asked him for the money in cash if he wanted him to give him the project»; «He made them by checks at the headquarters of ZM Ingenieros, except for the cash requested by Manuel Sanz, who delivered it to him at the ZM Ingenieros headquarters».

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