Weka Bhanubandh and Kosma Fragkiski won the Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja Trophy

Torrevieja (Alicante)



The 14th Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja Trophy already has new owners. The Thai Weka Bhanubandh (Royal Varuna YC) and the Greek Kosma Fragkiski (PFCN) take the title of champions for their respective countries. An award that has also been won by the Finnish Lily-Sofie Latvala (HSS) and the Alicante-born Ignacio Sánchez (RCR Alicante) in the SUB13 category.

A last day that has been marked by the total absence of the wind and that after more than 4 hours of waiting, it has been possible to launch a single test for the Gold group. The tenth test has not had a great history since everything was almost decided, and with such little room for maneuver some sailors could do little to improve on the table, with small exceptions.

Two of them have profited from all this, in the case of the Balearic Hugo Rodríguez (CN S’Arenal) who, with a new victory, together with the other nine results, hangs the silver medal. The Spaniard is 52 behind Bhanubandh, after adding a total of 82 points. Bronze for the Andalusian Roberto Águilar (CNM Benalmádena), with 94 points in his locker.

As for the females, there have been no changes on the podium, with respect to the positions reached after closing the day on Saturday. With the Greek Kosma Fragkiski (PFCN) as champion, followed by the Valencian Blanca Ferrando (RCN Valencia) and also and from the same club Eleni Alchanati.

Lily-Sofie Latvala and Ignacio Sánchez, U13 champions

The Finnish Lily-Sofie Latvala (HSS) has been able to defend her advantage, even though she has sailed, since last Friday she obtained the ticket for the gold group, but not so the rest of the podium companions, which It has been closed with Mar Infante (RCMT Punta Umbría) and the Valencian Marta Ferrando (RCN de Valencia).

In the men’s category, with all those involved and with podium options framed in the gold group, they have played one last test with the calculator and looking where to place the discard according to the result in this last test.

The one who has benefited the most has been Ignacio Sánchez (RCR Alicante) from Alicante who has snatched the first place up to that moment from José Manuel Cuellar (RCN del Adra), who has finished second. Sánchez closed his participation in Torrevieja with a 68 against an 84 reached by Cuellar. For the man from Alicante, that was his worst result, so he had enough advantage to be champion, while the man from Almería had a DSQ (101) as the worst part. The bronze has been for the Dutchman Maurits Melens.

The award ceremony was attended by Rosario Martínez, first Deputy Mayor of Torrevieja, accompanied by Diana Box, Councilor for Sports; Carlos Torrado, president of the FVCV; Carmen Casco, president of IODA Europe; Joaquín Valero, president of AECIO; Antonio José Quesada, co-director of Euromarina and Conchita Esquiva, vice-president of the RCN of Torrevieja, accompanied by its Sailing Member: Andrey Stepanov.

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