Where to find the perfect croissant?

1. Lord

Crescent of Panem, in Madrid
Crescent of Panem, in Madrid

The Guild of Pastry Chefs of Barcelona Every year, a contest is held to find the best artisan butter croissant in Spain. In its 14 editions, the Catalan pastry chefs have awarded different colleagues, most of them from the Barcelona, for this delicate creation. However, last September the prize traveled to Madrid with the help of Panem. The jury valued the color, the honeycomb, the puff pastry, the format, the finish and the flavor of the pieces presented by the master Antonio García.

Fernan Gonzalez Street, 42. Madrid

2. Oriol Balaguer

'Croissant' by Oriol Balaguer, in Barcelona and Madrid
‘Croissant’ by Oriol Balaguer, in Barcelona and Madrid

The ‘crescent’ by Oriol Balaguer He was awarded in the same Barcelona Pastry Chefs Guild contest in 2014. Beyond that title, these recipes are one of the most beloved for this master confectioner, with spaces in Barcelona and Madrid. Its laborious elaboration process, which he shared in the libro ‘Bake it simple’ (Planeta Gastro), demonstrates all the dedication that hides this subtle sweet morsel –in his case honey, a rarity within the canonical recipe–. To its classic version is added that of ‘giaduja‘, filled with hazelnut praline and chocolate.

Plaça de Sant Gregori Taumaturg, 2. Barcelona

Jose Ortega y Gasset, 44. Madrid

The Duchess. Ferdinand VI, 2. Madrid

3. Fátima Gismero

'Croissant' by Fatima Gismero
‘Croissant’ by Fatima Gismero

Fátima Gismero He returned to Pioz (Guadalajara) after passing through the EPGB Pastry School in Barcelona and working at Pakta, 41ºC, Tickets, Enigma and Bodega 1900. He also immersed himself in techniques in restaurants such as Enjoy Y Mugaritz and today he defends his particular vision of confectionery in his family’s pastry shop. She is the current winner of the title of Revelation Madrid Fusion Pastry Chef and, among other sweet creations, their ‘croissants’ are a hit with their clientele on weekends.

Loranca Highway, 9. Pioz (Guadalajara)

4. One hundred thirtyº (130º)

Croissants of One Hundred and Thirtyº (13th)
Croissants of One Hundred and Thirtyº (13th)

The Miragoli brothers are responsible for one of the workshops of the moment in Madrid: One hundred and thirty (13th). They come from a family with a gastronomic tradition and are part of a new generation of bakers who have learned the trade without having traditional loads, in a homemade way. But professionally. Alberto went from the world of cinema to study at a pastry school in San Francisco. There he met chefs, bakers and pastry chefs and developed a gastronomic vision that would be the starting point of his career. Their ‘croissants’ are a real gem, very pampered in this bakery. So much so that each piece that is baked takes 3 days’ work behind it. «The first day we mix the dough: flour, water, milk, sugar, butter, yeast, salt and a little malt. Let it ferment and refrigerate it. The second day we make puff pastry, divide and form the ‘croissants’. Finally, after fermenting with the pieces already divided, we bake. We use french butter, fresh milk and French flour”, explains Alberto Miragoli a ABC.

Calle de Fernando el Catolico, 17. Madrid

Ayala Street 28B (Market of Peace). Madrid

5. Sugar Apple

Chocolate croissants from Julio Blanco, at Pomme Sucre in Gijón
Chocolate croissants from Julio Blanco, at Pomme Sucre in Gijón

July White gives shape and life to a large selection of sweet snacks in its Pomme Sucre pastry shop in Gijón. The good work of puff pastry in the north of Spain is reflected in its famous ‘croissants’ in which it also pours the creativity that it boasts –even ‘Tiramisú’, a dough with cocoa, filled with mascarpone cream and covered with coffee jelly. It also highlights his version of chocolate. The space is also famous for its ‘carbayones’, a typical Oviedo pastry made with puff pastry, almonds, egg yolk and icing.

Freedom, 26. Gijón (Asturias).

6. Estela Puff pastries

'Croissants' by Estela Gutierrez, pastry chef and owner of Estela Hojaldres
‘Croissants’ by Estela Gutierrez, pastry chef and owner of Estela Hojaldres

The tradition and worship of Cantabria to the work of puff pastry is represented in Madrid by Estela Gutiérrez. He learned from his father in the family bakery in salt head and made the leap to Madrid with a store near Puerta del Sol. There he took his first steps in the capital and soon managed to stand out with his palm trees and ‘croissants’. He achieved second place in the Madrid Fusión Revelation Pastry Chef award in 2021 and last year he opened a local in the Barrio de Las Letras under the name of Estela Hojaldres.

Plaza de Jesus, 5. Madrid

7. Brunells

Brunells White Chocolate Cream Filled Croissant
Brunells White Chocolate Cream Filled Croissant

The Barcelona bakery Brunells, founded in 1852, is famous for its ‘croissants’. Also winner of the prize awarded by the Guild of Pastry Chefs of Barcelona, ​​its menu includes twenty varieties with different toppings and fillings. Among them, some unconventional ones such as matcha tea or daiquiri. They also make savory dishes with their ‘croissants’ that they serve in their cafeteria.

Princess, 22. Barcelona


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