With 100,000 euros from parishioners, work begins to restore light to the parish church of Carranque




Work has already begun to restore its light to the parish church of Carranque (Toledo), which was seriously damaged by a fire on September 4. At dawn, the flames reduced the image and the float of the Cristo de la Fe to ashes; also the altarpiece and the figure of Pietà. In addition, half of the altarpiece of the Virgen del Rosario was burned and the interior of the temple received an unexpected patina of black smoke.

The rehabilitation works began on January 21 and could last about five months. The workers have dismantled the false plaster ceiling and are chipping away at the walls. Tastings have also been carried out following the appearance of some paintings without much artistic value.

“Some are going to be documented; others are going to be restored and the archaeological and artistic control is being carried out by the restorer of the Diputación, Enrique Toledo, ”Josué García Martínez, parish priest of Santa María Magdalena in a town of about 5,000 registered inhabitants, explains to ABC.

The temple has not yet received any financial aid from institutions, but the congregationboth locals and foreigners. “At the moment, the works are being paid for with your donations, with which nearly 100,000 euros have been raised so far,” says the priest, “very thankful” to the financial support of the faithful “inside and outside the locality”.

Charity activities have also been organized, from musical or theatrical performances to raffles or sale of objects, in Esquivias, Yuncos, Cedillo del Condado, Pantoja or Carranque. In this town, however, the scheduled events have been suspended in January and will resume on Sunday, February 13 with a concert by the choir Diocesan Chapel in the house of culture. The objective? The same: to continue collecting money with which to pay the nearly 166,000 euros in which the expenses are budgeted only for the works inside the church.

However, in that amount “nothing artistic is involved,” the priest points out. This is the case of the construction of a new altarpiece, the arrangement of two others, including the largest, which is worth 20,000 euros; the cleaning of all the images and other altarpieces, in addition to the copies of the images that were burned, the Christ of Faith and Mercy. And that’s it the molds are made of these figures, copies of which have been donated by the parish of Añover de Tajo and El Viso de San Juan.

In addition, of the damage to the content, such as the benches or a lamp stand but not the artistic elements, the insurance company has delivered about 5,700 euros, according to the priest. “And we are waiting for your final assessment of aid to the continent, since the insurance will cover part of the works” of the church. A temple that will release part of the ground and will show off a new artificial lighting after a period of twilight due to a fire the day of Saint Moses, ‘the Black’.

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