“Anabel Pantoja is going to announce that she is divorcing Omar Sánchez in ‘Sálvame'”



Joaquín Prat has spoken emphatically this morning in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’. “Anabel Pantoja is going to divorce” and will announce it this afternoon in ‘Save me‘, so the presenter of the magazine. And it is that, since this Sunday, much has been talked about the separation of Anabel Pantoja and her husband Omar Sanchez.

Thus, in full direct, Joaquín Prat has revealed what is the decision that Anabel Pantoja has taken, after this Sunday Kiko Matamoros, reveal what it was unfaithful to her husband. “This afternoon in ‘Save me‘Anabel Pantoja is going to announce that she is divorcing Omar and is going to tell the reasons”, the presenter has communicated.

Given this information, the table of ‘The program of Ana Rosa‘ has begun to discuss the issue and his collaborators have been giving more details about this separation.

The first to speak was Pepe del Real which has ratified what was revealed by Prat. “The separation will be confirmed this afternoon. However, Omar did not expect that Anabel would confirm the news so quickly, “said the journalist who pointed out that the”crisis» comes from afar, specifically, from «before ‘Survivors’», since according to Del Real, Anabel Pantoja «did not share that he became a character». What’s more, the collaborator from ‘Sálvame’ I would have said that Omar Sanchez “He has changed his way of being and is now haughtier,” he continued.

firm decision

Everything seems to indicate that this would be the main reason why the couple would divorce. In addition, according to Pepe del Real, it would be a firm decision. «Anabel is determined and there is no turning back… The family already knows it».

The journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez also wanted to give her opinion and pointed out that Anabel Pantoja is moving around a lot in the world of influence, so he is relating to other people, which is leading him to see “distance in their marriage, routine and that they take different paths”.

Kiko Matamoros: «There is an infidelity»

It was Kiko Matamoros on the Sunday broadcast of ‘Viva la vida’ who announced that Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez were going to separate, after he found out that his wife had been unfaithful. A piece of news that surprised the entire set and that led to Alexander Albala to contact his friend Omar to get his opinion. After the conversation they had privately, Albalá wanted to make Sánchez’s opinion public, who had told him that he would wait, before making any decision, to know all the information that Kiko Matamoros might have.

For its part, Raquel Bollo, also a collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’, spoke with Anabel Pantoja who denied with rotundity the infidelity that was attributed to him.

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