CC.OO. asks to invalidate the result “if irregularities are not clarified”



The Benidorm festival it has achieved many things, and among the most surprising is that it has struck a chord with the defenders of class consciousness. The Union Workers Commissions has joined the claim of the political formation Galicia in Common, denouncing that there have been “alleged irregularities so notable that the choice of the song that will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest should be annulled.” Thus, CC.OO. asks the addresses involved to clarify “urgently, how and who selected the Benidorm Fest jury”, and “with the same urgency” urges RTVE to “make public the minutes of the voting and the recorded incidents, all in their set”. The irregularities, they say “are so important, so notable that the choice of the song that will represent Spain should be nullified.”

The union believes that “relations between members of the jury and the singer Chanel Terrero should be clarified”, referring to the professional relationship between the ‘SloMo’ singer and Miryam Benedited, and insists that “it should be clear if there is a conflict of interest, and the meaning of the vote of the people who, in the jury, have or have had a relationship with the winning singer of the festival». In a message shared on his social networks, he directly launches the issues that must be “clarified” according to his criteria. «Questions that RTVE must answer: What were the criteria for selecting the jury? Are there or have been professional relationships between members of the jury and the winning singer? What do the voting records reflect? Under what arguments did the jury proceed to vote for the participants?

The Trade Union Section of Workers’ Commissions on State Public Radio and Television has also claimed that “the enormous controversy, for which explanations must be demanded, must not hide the most important thing: The quality of the different broadcasts of the Benidorm Fest, which would not have been possible without the work of all the colleagues of RTVE».

RTVE itself has released a statement defending its actions, but part of the Board of Directors will also raise its doubts about the organization of the event at its meeting this Monday afternoon, considering that the statement released by the corporation is ambiguous and does not offer a forceful response to doubts about the integrity of the public entity in its role as organizer of the Spanish pre-selection for Eurovision.

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