France election: left chaos: ex-minister wins primary

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Christiane Taubira together with Emmanuel Macron. The two will probably face each other in the presidential elections in France. © PanoramiC/Imago (archive photo)

In other countries, an area code is used to decide among several applicants. In France, on the other hand, it creates more problems than solutions.

Paris – Quarrels among the French left. Around two months before the presidential elections in France *, the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira received tailwind for her candidacy. In a vote organized by a citizens’ alliance, she received the most votes among the left-wing candidates.

France election: The primary splits the left

With the vote, the citizens’ alliance wanted to find a common presidential candidate for the fragmented left. Four of the five most promising left-wing presidential candidates rejected the initiative. The left-wing politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the Green Yannick Jadot and the socialist Anne Hidalgo made it known before the vote that they did not feel bound by the vote. Mélenchon came second in the vote among the five candidates. It was bitter for Hidalgo: The mayor of the capital Paris was last.

The voters were also asked to distribute school grades to everyone instead of just ticking. Taubira came first with the grade “good”. Jadot and Mélenchon received a “satisfactory”. Hidalgo, who had flirted with the online area code at times, only achieved a “sufficient”.

France election: “The fragmentation is fatal for the left”

So Taubira is the best in her class – but that won’t do her any good as long as her classmates continue to vie for voters’ favor. For many supporters of the left, this is a tragedy: in purely mathematical terms, voters for the left-wing candidates could collectively overtake the right-wing, which in turn has put forward three candidates with partly similar programs. But so far no one on the left wants to step down in favor of another candidate.

“The Social Democrats have not regained their leadership role since the failure of ex-President François Hollande,” pollster Emmanuel Rivière told the AFP news agency. As in Germany, the left is divided into three large blocs, namely the social democracy, the greens and the radical left. “The fragmentation is fatal for the left,” sums up Rivière.

France election: Hardly any left chances against Macron – competition comes from the right

Almost 400,000 people took part in the vote, which was held from Thursday to Sunday. For comparison: the Socialist Party (PS) candidate, Anne Hidalgo, was fielded by just 22,000 party members. Taubira was Minister of Justice during the presidency of the socialist François Hollande between 2012 and 2016. She was considered an icon of the left wing in the government at the time.

The first round of the presidential elections will take place on April 10th. According to previous polls, none of the left-wing candidates have a chance of getting into the runoff against incumbent Emmanuel Macron*. Taubira, once the first black woman minister in France, is below five percent in the polls. Macron has still not officially declared his candidacy*, but leaves no doubt that he wants to run. He is currently followed by three right-wing candidates in the polls: conservative Valérie Pécresse, right-wing populist Marine Le Pen and right-wing extremist Eric Zemmour. (as / dpa / AFP) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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