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Christiane Taubira wins an Internet citizen rating of the left-wing presidential candidates who are to run against Emmanuel Macron. The project did not deliver what was promised.

Anne Hidalgo, who is running for the Socialist Party in the French presidential election, has to cope with another setback. In an online survey by a citizens’ movement on the candidates of the left-wing parties, the mayor of Paris only came fifth. The most popular candidate was the one who recently entered the race Christiane Taubira, which received the best grades overall. Green Yannick Jadot finished second ahead of France Insoumise’s Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Pierre Larrouturou. Mélenchon, Jadot and Hidalgo had previously stated that they did not feel bound by the result.

The citizens’ movement was founded more than a year ago to get a left-wing unit candidate. Its members are concerned about the fragmentation of the left: According to polls, their protagonists could achieve a respectable percentage in the election on April 10, but individually they will probably have no chance of getting into the runoff election. The favorite is still incumbent Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet declared his candidacy, but according to polls would come to 24 to 26 percent. Good chances can be Valerie Pécresse, Republican candidate, calculate (16 to 17). The right-wing politician Marine Le Pen (16 to 17) and even the right-wing extremist Éric Zemmour (12.5 percent) could also achieve a surprise success.

Almost 400,000 people took part in the vote, and more than 460,000 registered for it. They could give the candidates grades like at school, from “very good” to “unsatisfactory”. The result is a boost for Taubira, who was Minister of Justice under Socialist President François Hollande; whether it helps her decisively, but is uncertain. Taubira was the first black woman minister in France and had pursued an emphatically left-wing policy; among other things, she was responsible for the introduction of marriage for all. Taubira was the only one who announced that he would accept the results of the survey. After the results were announced on Sunday evening, she agreed to work with her competitors.

The “primary election of the people” has not brought the left to a common line

In the end, the “Primaire populaire”, the people’s primary, probably achieved the opposite of what was intended. This is also the opinion of the majority of the French media about the “area code that isn’t one”. The left-wing candidates will probably fight each other even more implacably than before, at least not one of them thinks of giving up publicly. The Green Jadot had pointed out that he had already prevailed in a vote within the party; Mélenchon, on the other hand, insisted on the 250,000 signatures that he had already collected. Hidalgo had already offered last December to withdraw in favor of a left-wing unit candidate. She expressed her disillusionment on Sunday evening and spoke of a missed opportunity for the left to rally.

More than before, the left-wing candidates will now be guided by the polls. Mélenchon currently sees this with around ten percent of the votes, Jadot with six, Taubira with four and Hidalgo with still only three percent.

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