Galicia receives 802 million less than what it costs to provide essential public services




Galicia feels underfinanced by the State. The councilor of Facenda, Miguel Corgos, put figures on the table this morning. The Community receives with the current regional financing model 802 million less than what it actually spends to pay for essential public services, that is, health, education and social policies. Corgos appeared at a press conference to announce that the Xunta will send the first allegations to the Ministry today regarding the reform of the system. If taken into account, affirmed the head of Facenda, “a certain balance would be achieved.”

The current regional financing model has been in force since 2009 and in 2014 it should have been updated. But it has not been until now that the central government has decided to promote a reform, for which there are still no specific dates.

At the moment it has only presented the communities with a 240-page document with one of the legs of the complex financing system, the adjusted population. This is one of the mechanisms used to level, to compensate the territories that, for one reason or another, find it more difficult to provide certain services. In Galicia, one of the most important parameters to take into account is the dispersion, which makes services more expensive. “With a population scattered throughout the territory, the number of centers to provide services increases,” explained the councilor. This translates into the need to have more health centers or more schools in order to be close to their users. The dispersion supposes an additional cost of 513 million euros to the regional coffers, but the current leveling system only contributes half. For this reason, among the demands of the Galician Community is that the weighting percentage of this variable rise from the expected 0.6% to at least 1%.

Corgos explained that the allegations of the Xunta to the adjusted population document already have the contributions made by the experts who have passed through the parliamentary commission on regional financing. The Chamber is now working to achieve a joint claim from Galicia that brings together all the political groups with parliamentary representation. Corgos regretted that the central government has not established a clear schedule on the next steps to be taken. Once the Executive of Pedro Sánchez studies the allegations of all the communities, he explained, it is likely that “a joint meeting will be called” to try to agree on positions. But it could also “continue advancing in other parts of the model” of regional financing and then call this meeting.

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