Government should quickly implement relief such as climate money

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Green leader Lang: Government should quickly implement relief such as climate money © Felix Zahn / IMAGO

According to Ricarda Lang, the designated leader of the Greens, the federal government must speed up the relief for low-income earners.

Berlin – To do this, the EEG surcharge must be abolished in the current year, Lang said on Monday. The surcharge serves to generate electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and sun and finances the remuneration for green electricity producers.

In addition to other social measures, Lang again campaigned for the climate money that the Greens had already represented in the election campaign. In this way, income from the CO2 price, which is intended to make the consumption of fossil energy more expensive, should be reimbursed to the citizens. However, there is no precise concept of how this is supposed to work. Details are currently being worked out in the ministries, said Lang. “It is clear that this will not happen again this year. It takes too much preparatory work for that.” In any case, the climate money should come “in this legislature”, i.e. before the next federal elections, which are planned for 2025. (dpa)

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