“I support Pablo Casado and I want him to be President of the Government, because it is better for Spain”




The former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar He has wanted to settle the controversy that has arisen this weekend, when at a rally in Valladolid he asked for a strong leadership in the PP and there was a general interpretation, even within his party, that he was criticizing Pablo Casado. In an interview in ‘Blacksmith in Cope’, has confessed that he felt embarrassed for having to say it, but he wanted to be clear and emphatic: «I support Pablo Casado, I want him to be successful and be President of the Government, because it is good for Spain».

On Saturday, in a vibrant rally in Valladolid, Aznar warned that it is not about reaching La Moncloa just to get there, but that you have to win to build.

“Build to unite, not to divide, to integrate, not to divide,” he stressed. Build, he insisted, to lead. In this line of argument, he assured that the rise of populism in Spain is related to the lack of a strong referent that attracts voters. And he added that what a good leader does is surround himself with the best, add, and not divide or turn his back on people who add up within a party. All this was interpreted by the media, and also by the popular ones and by Genoa, as a direct criticism of Casado’s leadership. In fact, the president of the PP was forced on Sunday in Ávila to vindicate his ‘reformist’ project to make it clear that he has a complete program to build the alternative.

This morning in ‘Herrera en Cope’, Aznar clarified that he wanted to support Alfonso Fernandez Manueco and his candidacy in Castilla y León, and the rest, he has assured, remains in the field of judgments of intentions that do not correspond to reality.

In any case, Aznar has been forced to give his express support to Paul Married: «The problem lies with those who judge intentions. There is a video, let it be seen ». Aznar has supported two of the decisions that Casado has made in recent weeks: the ‘no’ to the Government’s labor counter-reform, which the former president considers absolutely unnecessary because the 2012 law is working, and the initiative to call Sánchez for the Ukraine crisis. On this matter, he has denounced the “enormous irresponsibility” of Sánchez for not appearing in the Congress of Deputies.

The former Prime Minister has insisted on the need to join forces in the center-right and to work to unite the vote. In addition, he has commented that he is not a ‘vase’, or Chinese or anything like that, and that he always tries to speak clearly.

According to the Madrid PP crisis, Aznar has underlined that the sooner it is solved, the better. “It should never have existed, let it be settled as soon as possible. And I think it will be settled. It is a minor matter and it should be closed as soon as possible so as not to distract attention from other things.” In his opinion, the initiative must be taken by “everyone who has an interest in things going well.”

“Don Juan Carlos should return as soon as possible”

In the interview in Cope, Aznar was asked about Don Juan Carlos. Aznar has recognized that he does not like the King’s situation at all, outside of Spain, and has indicated that he should return to our country as soon as possible. The former president praised the contribution that Don Juan Carlos has made to Spain, “so important, so decisive that it transcends any other circumstance”. “I am not saying that she is not subject to responsibility, but her legacy, her contribution is of such a formidable magnitude that we Spaniards should be very aware.”

The international weight of Spain

Charles Herrera He explained in the interview that he invited Aznar to talk about the crisis in Ukraine and the role of Spain, although then the Valladolid rally came and the former president made headlines again for that reason.

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