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Two and a half years after Alcoa divested itself of its aluminum factories in La Coruña and Avilés, its future is increasingly uncertain. In Asturias, the bankruptcy administrator of the plant has already activated an ERE process to fire the staff and in Galicia the same thing could happen.
Two investors have shown interest in the Alu Ibérica facilities, but the fear is that they do not want the staff
. The president of the works council, Juan Carlos López Corbacho issued a new warning this morning: «Any industrial project that comes to the company and does not have the current staff is a project that comes to speculate with the assets of the plant” he pointed.

López Corbacho made these statements during the meeting with the BNG deputy in Congress, Néstor Rego, according to what the nationalist formation reported yesterday in a statement. The committee explains that the plant is valued at 200 million euros and currently has a debt of 20 million that has led to bankruptcy. The judge of the National High Court, María Tardón, maintains an open investigation into the transfer of the factories to the Swiss fund Parter and their subsequent sale to the Risk Group, which she evicted from management.

The workers ask that the factory be managed publicly by the State Society of Industrial Participations (SEPI), a measure also claimed by the BNG. “It would be irresponsible on the part of the central government and the Galician government to abandon this sector,” stressed Rego. But public intervention seems complicated after the refusal of the Sánchez Executive to temporarily take over the Alcoa factory in San Cibrao. “We believe that we have all the ingredients for a punctual SEPI entry to be cooked here to rescue the plant and prepare that industrial exit,” the committee president insisted.

In addition to the meeting with the BNG, the workers also held a meeting with the general secretary of the PSdeG, Valentín González Formoso. In the socialists’ press release no reference is made to the possible nationalization of the plant. Formoso does urge “solutions” to guarantee the viability of the factory both the Xunta and the central government. It demands that electricity prices be lowered and advocates the search for a serious and solvent investor. Above all, “after having passed all kinds of characters and companies that less than trying to revive Alu Ibérica, they thought of obtaining other types of benefits,” stressed the leader of the PSdeG.

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