It is important to maintain the communication channels to Russia

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Röttgen: Maintaining the communication channels to Russia is important © Michael Kappeler / dpa

The CDU foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen defends the federal government’s course of not delivering weapons to Kiev.

Berlin – “Supplying weapons for defense to Ukraine is not objectionable,” said Röttgen on Deutschlandfunk on Monday. That is morally and politically justifiable. In the case of Germany, however, this would mean that special channels of dialogue and talks with Moscow would be destroyed. “I think that’s an argument to say: That’s too high a price. It’s no use. And that’s why this policy is right.” However, Röttgen warned that Germany must make it clearer that it is part of the deterrent against military violence by Russia.

The federal government led by the SPD has come under increasing international criticism in recent days for its actions in the Ukraine crisis. Germany is accused of not putting enough pressure on Russia during the crisis. Unlike other alliance partners, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) clearly rejected the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine. This has been criticized by Ukraine, but also by countries like Poland and the Baltic States.

The deputy chairman of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag, Henning Otte (CDU), considers arms deliveries to Ukraine to be a possible option “if this appears necessary within NATO and the European Union”. He criticized that the federal government was acting too “hesitatingly and hesitantly” in the Ukraine conflict. This not only applies to the provision of 5,000 helmets for Ukrainian soldiers, but also to Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht’s initiative to hand over a field hospital. Berlin co-finances the delivery of a field hospital from Estonia to the ex-Soviet republic. (dpa)

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