Italy: party crisis after election – new alliance in discussion

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Italy: party crisis after election – new alliance under discussion © Str / dpa

After the re-election of Sergio Mattarella as Italian head of state, a dispute has flared up in the centre-right political camp over the future of the alliance.

Rome (AP) – “If I have my way, there will no longer be a center-right in Parliament,” said the head of the far-right opposition party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), Giorgia Meloni, on Facebook. Meloni accused the right-wing Lega of Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Forza Italia of not keeping their word in the re-election of the social democrat Mattarella.

Meanwhile, Salvini brought a new alliance into play in an article in the newspaper “Il Giornale”. “Our model can be that of the Republican Party in America.” Salvini sees them as the parties currently supporting Mario Draghi’s government. The Fratelli d’Italia are not one of them. “It’s an opportunity to transform the centre-right and finally and fundamentally transform Italy,” Salvini continued. According to its own statements, the Lega wants to talk about the past election and the future in Milan on Tuesday.

The head of the conservative party Coraggio Italia (Courage Italy), Giovanni Toti, told the newspaper La Repubblica (Monday) that the alliance had previously found itself in a complex situation because its parties were part in government and part in government stood by the opposition. Before the re-election, Salvini presented Mattarella’s candidates, all of whom failed in the vote. According to Toti, he was faced with the complex situation of either saving the unity of the centre-right or seeking a compromise in the governing majority. “And in the end, this turned out to be an unsolvable problem,” said the President of the Liguria Region. (dpa)

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