Johnson’s Vaccination Reversal? The cabinet apparently wants to remove the obligation for nurses

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From: Andreas Schmid

No care vaccinations in the UK? Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be backing away from the November deal. © Stefan Rousseau/picture alliance

The vaccination requirement for British nurses seems to be off the table. Boris Johnson now apparently wants to overturn it again – and is possibly acting out of political calculation.

London – U-turn by Boris Johnson*. The British Prime Minister apparently does not want to introduce compulsory corona vaccination for medical staff after all. According to British media reports, the prime minister is refraining from compulsory vaccination – apparently also for political reasons.

Great Britain: Boris Johnson is apparently preparing a change in compulsory vaccination – calculation?

Again Telegraph writes, Health Minister Sajid Javid wants to agree the step with Johnson’s approval on Monday (January 31) in the cabinet. The influential Tory MP Mark Harper spoke on Twitter of a “big victory”. “My backbencher colleagues and I have made clear that tens of thousands of nurses should not be fired.” Backbenchers are MPs in the UK who have no government responsibility. That is the majority of parliamentarians.

In Johnson’s Conservative Party, the backbenchers are a huge power factor. The prime minister recently fell out of favor with suspected lockdown parties on Downing Street, including among the general public. Media reports of several celebrations at the seat of government had put considerable pressure on Johnson, who is said to have attended some parties himself*. The 57-year-old is even threatened with a vote of no confidence from his party. Johnson wants to make a statement on an internal investigation report on Monday afternoon (January 31). It seems he could survive the “Party Gate” affair largely unscathed. As reported in England, Johnson is apparently aiming to gain support by orienting himself towards the backbenchers.

Corona vaccination in Great Britain: “Omicron has changed the discussion”

Meanwhile, Minister Javid, like Johnson a member of the Conservative Party, justifies the mandatory vaccination turnaround by saying that the effects of the omicron variant are significantly milder than feared. Mandatory vaccinations for NHS health workers were decided when the Delta variant was dominant. This led to significantly more hospital admissions.

the Telegraph quoted an unnamed government official as saying: “While omicron is more easily transmissible, all studies have shown that it is less severe. That has changed the debate on whether mandatory vaccinations are still proportionate.” The nurses’ association, the Royal College of Nursing, welcomed the about-face. She had previously expressed fears that up to 80,000 nurses would be absent if vaccination was mandatory.

Actually, nurses should have at least two vaccinations by April 1st. That means: The nursing staff should receive the first injection by the beginning of February in order to be fully vaccinated in time. In November, Great Britain decided on a regulation similar to that in Germany, where the vaccination requirement for nursing care will come on March 15th. Chancellor Olaf Scholz* wants to stick to the so-called institution-related compulsory vaccination – however, there is also criticism of the plans of the traffic light coalition in Germany. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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