Markus Söder wants a gradual exit from measures

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From: Katja Thorwarth

Markus Söder (CSU) is planning the first easing in February. © Sven Hoppe/dpa

Markus Söder was once considered a hardliner in Saxony Corona measures. But now the Bavarian Prime Minister is aiming for easing as early as mid-February.

Munich/Berlin – Tue Number of new corona infections* and the associated 7-day incidence are reaching new highs almost daily. The corona incidence nationwide on Monday (January 31, 2022) was 1176.8. Many are concerned about these numbers, while others are concerned about those classified as comparatively “harmless”. Corona-Variant* Omikron already possibilities of an early easing.

The Bavarian Prime Minister, who was previously known as a hardliner when it came to Corona, also belongs to the latter group Markus Söder* (CSU) a. The CSU politician believes that the corona measures will be relaxed soon, he said accordingly in the report from Berlin on Sunday evening (ARD*).

Corona loosening: Markus Söder advocates a phased plan

Omikron* is something different than Delta, ”explained Söder with regard to the currently dominant corona variant and therefore wants to adapt the measures. Some experts consider mid-February to be the time when the peak of the omicron wave is likely to be reached. Therefore, according to Söder, one can already think about a phased plan. What should remain untouched in any case are the schools: “Suspending face-to-face teaching leads to chaos,” he said CSU-Boss* and pointed out that close testing of the students in combination with the obligation to wear a mask results in a high level of safety.

In addition to the medical, a social and psychological assessment is also needed, said Söder, who emphasized that a non-Covid strategy does not work – which can be seen in the example of China. The incidence alone is no longer meaningful. “Caution, yes, but also with hope,” the Prime Minister added to his demands. In the omicron wall you have to “look for a door” that offers an exit “into a new era”.

Corona policy: Söder calls for a warning system as a basis for political decision-making

As a measure, Markus Söder now proposes the introduction of a new nationwide warning system as a basis for decision-making for the pandemic policy of the federal and state governments. Since the incidence number loses its “pre-warning effect” due to the lack of test options, “we need a new evaluation system that should be based on the occupancy of the hospital beds”. He had demanded this in the Springer newspaper Welt am Sonntag. “This is the only way we can find out whether the healthcare system will remain stable – or whether it will be overburdened.”

The CSU leader sees the federal government as primarily responsible here. “The federal government is required to get a functioning and meaningful hospital traffic light on the way.” This must take into account the proportion of infections in the occupancy of the hospitals and a possible overload of the nursing staff.

On Friday (01/28/2022) the President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, has already explained* that one is heading for the peak of the omicron wave. However, the high number of cases is no longer decisive for the current situation assessment. One must now also look at the burden of the disease and the severity of the disease, Wieler also found. (ktho/epd) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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