Media: “Partygate” investigation report handed over

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A police officer in Downing Street (symbolic photo). © Stefan Rousseau/PA/AP/dpa

A report is intended to bring clarity to the parties at the British Prime Minister’s office during the corona lockdowns. Large parts will probably not be public for the time being.

LONDON – After days of delay, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received the internal investigation report into the “Partygate” affair, according to media reports.

The top official Sue Gray handed over the report, the BBC and Sky News reported on Monday. A spokesman for the Cabinet Office, the central government agency, said Gray had provided the PM with an update on her investigation. As the PA agency reported, citing parliamentary sources, Johnson wants to speak in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon.

The censorship is due to a request from the London Police. The agency fears its investigation into the Downing Street lockdown party scandal could be compromised by the findings. The opposition is demanding full disclosure.

Media reports of numerous celebrations at the seat of government had put considerable pressure on Johnson, who is said to have attended some parties himself. If the report concludes that Corona rules have been broken, Johnson faces an internal party vote of no confidence. Because of the expected censorship, hardly anyone now expects serious allegations to be made against Johnson. dpa

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