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‘The Anthill’ ends the month of January with one of his most anticipated interviews: Diego Pablo “El Cholo” Simeone made his debut this Monday 31 on the program Paul Motorcycles. The charismatic Atleti coach and former soccer player has premiered on Prime Video
‘Simeone: live game by game’
, a six-part docuseries that narrates the most important moments in the professional life of the Argentine mister, in addition to delving into his most personal facet.

to the rhythm of Leiva Y
and with the crowd on set chanting “Ole, ole, ole ‘El Cholo’ Simeone”, the Atletico coach had a big reception for ‘El Hormiguero’. Pablo Motos has not been able to resist asking him: «Do you have the public bought?».

The presenter, despite the fact that he does not like soccer, confesses that he has become hooked on the series, which gives off a lot of magnetism “Is what you feel for soccer passion or obsession?” Motos raised.

«It is passion that later becomes obsession naturally. That was the objective of the documentary, to show something that I always protested and claimed that I did not like, but I understood that from the age of 51 that we already have, we have to tell them that behind the coach or the soccer player there is a person who went through the same stages as those who will see it. For the children, for the separation, for a woman who gave me happiness again… Things in life. And we try to convey it simply. Because I think that life on that side, “he has been honest.

That’s why when he loses a game he also tries to relativize. “First I try to make you feel at home that it doesn’t hurt, although inside I think that if you don’t know how to identify defeat you can never enjoy victory in the best way, because they are two things in common.”

Simeone is a born leader, with black legs. With which, it is interesting to find out how he earns the respect of his players. The key is very simple. «I always tried to be spontaneous, natural, real. They have to believe you. This is like family: if the son admires the father, he follows many things from the father. The same thing happens in football.”

This is ‘El Cholo’ as a boss

With them, the presenter has revealed his tricks as a boss. “I listen a lot because it is the best way to learn and surely the best way to drive. We choose the car where we have to go, but they do the road. That’s why we try to generate something strong. After 20-odd years we will have been wrong a lot of times, but it is part of the way. When footballers have a connection with what they believe in, everything turns out much better.”

And the rebels, the ones who get angry… He loves them. “They are theoretically the ones who protest the most, but in the end they end up giving you a lot.”

With Atleti he has achieved things that no other coach has achieved, but they do not contemplate winning without suffering. “Being Real Madrid or Barcelona there is no way not to reach the championship final in that way.” «The Champions is crossed, but you never know. Perhaps the years that everything seems to be on an irregular path, the surprise can appear».

In addition, he has revealed his secrets when it comes to motivating his team. «Not all seasons are the same, there are times when you have to reach the footballer from another place. Last year we carried out a very nice initiative, because they looked at themselves in the mirror. When a player arrives at a club, the first thing he says is that he would like to be champion. And I said, here it is. So, we made a video of all the players who arrived at Atlético, and they all said the same thing. So we show it to you; nothing more needed to be said. That’s where the motivation is. The motivation is yourself. When they arrived they were looking for something, and close to that moment in Valladolid we found ourselves with the possibility of materializing it. So remember that when you arrived you wanted this and today you have it. Go find him.”

He also put a photo of children in the lockers, an anecdote that makes precious sense. «When we start playing baseball we do it out of enthusiasm, to share with your friends… And then you realize that you start to compete with more responsibilities, and to be professional. But we must never forget how magical this is, which is playing soccer as a boy. They can never lose that space, because it is the joy that led each of them to conquer what they have today.

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