Palmer suddenly strikes new vaccination tones

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From: Andreas Schmid

Boris Palmer positions himself in terms of vaccination. At home he is openly attacked. © Ulmer/Imago

Boris Palmer advocates compulsory vaccination, but can also “live with it if it doesn’t come”. Meanwhile, there was a corona protest in front of his house.

Tübingen – Boris Palmer has long been a clear advocate of compulsory vaccination. Now the popular and controversial Green politician expressed himself a little more defensively. “I can now live with it more easily if vaccination does not become mandatory because it can be seen that Omicron will not have the serious consequences for our society that one could well fear in November or December because of the huge numbers,” said Palmer at picture TV. It is now a “question of consideration – you can decide for or against compulsory vaccination.”

Boris Palmer: “We must introduce compulsory vaccination for those over 50”

Palmer is still in favor of compulsory vaccination – but under different conditions. In the direction of the unvaccinated over-60-year-olds, the mayor of Tübingen said: “We can obviously only reach these two and a half million people with an obligation.” If not enough people are vaccinated, there could be tightening again in Germany. “The risk of a new lockdown next winter is too great for me.”

Vaccination is the way out of the pandemic. “I don’t want to see all these measures next winter.” The Tübingen mayor, who wants to run as a non-party candidate against the Greens in the next election, appeals for vaccination: “My probability calculation says that the vaccination is 80 to 90 percent from going to the intensive care unit, that also applies to Omikron.”

Palmer’s suggestion: “We must introduce compulsory vaccination for those over 50. I’ve always said we must choose the actions that require the least action and produce the greatest impact. This is now the vaccination. Anyone who is not vaccinated now will benefit from the fact that there are so many vaccinated people.” Compulsory vaccination from the age of 50 is a possible scenario that the Bundestag could agree on. A corresponding application finds support in particular in the FDP, but also in other parliamentary groups. The general obligation to vaccinate is voted on without a faction specification.

Boris Palmer: Corona opponents gather in front of his house

Palmer also said that the mood in the country continues to heat up. He found that out himself last Monday. Several people protested against the compulsory vaccination in front of Palmer’s house and openly attacked the Green politician in calls. When he came home from a committee meeting in the evening, around 20 to 30 people had gathered in front of his house. To be on the safe side, he went down a side street and called the police.

His wife reported to him that the protesters had shouted, among other things, “Palmer die,” said the Green. He assumes that those involved are so-called “walkers” who have been walking through the city on Mondays for several weeks and protesting against compulsory vaccination and the corona measures. A spokesman for the police headquarters in Reutlingen confirmed the incident. Until the arrival of a patrol, however, no more people were on site. Palmer said he refrained from reporting because of the lack of prospects of success. There had been hostilities against him before, but that was a new quality. (as)

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