SPD domestic politician Castellucci on sexualized violence

Mr. Castellucci, before the federal elections and now also after the Munich abuse report, you were the only federal politician to speak out on the subject of sexual violence. Did I miss other voices?

Daniel Deckers

responsible for “The Present” in the political editorial team.

In the coalition agreement of the traffic light government, the topic of child protection has become more important than ever. But in politics, nothing happens by itself. It always takes people to tackle the issues. I’ve made up my mind.

Why did you react to the report?

It was clear that the report would find strong media coverage. And it was also clear that many were referring to the former Pope Benedict XVI. would concentrate, which is also understandable. But one could also suspect a psychological mechanism behind it. A society can personalize the responsibility for sexual violence and thus shift it away from itself. That is exactly what must not happen.

How are they going to prevent that?

In order to get the topic out of the taboo zone, we have to establish a culture of looking at things together. And this applies to society as a whole, regardless of where and when and by whom sexualized violence is carried out, whether in sports, at school, in homes, in the family or in church.

The silence of other federal politicians or the Bavarian and North Rhine-Westphalian state governments on the findings from the abuse reports in Munich and Cologne could be interpreted as if there was still a very long way to go.

If there is a taboo in society, then politics is not free of it. We politicians, for better or for worse, are often the mirror of society. Conversely, this means that when there is social pressure on a topic, at some point politics can no longer evade it. When in doubt, this does not excuse the fact that politicians could have done more a long time ago. There has been enough need for action in the past. But I am now experiencing a new support for this topic as well.


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