The best erotic toys to give this Valentine’s Day

Chinese balls at a distance CKSoHot

We start with the Chinese balls at a distanceMost sold on Amazon. This type of sex toy for women is perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor effectively. Remote Chinese balls can be worn quietly in the daily routine. Of course, when you press the control, it is something else.

These remote-controlled Chinese balls promote the recovery of the pelvic floor in women after giving birth, improve bladder control and reduce the risk of prolapse. 15 minutes a day son enough to notice the difference in just 2 weeks.

Its level 1 ball helps to develop muscles, level 2 recovers elasticity and the late-stage double ball reshapes the pelvic floor muscles.

Lovense Lush Vibrating Egg

This is another one of those remote sex toys who has given the most for a long time, the Lush Lovense. But at a distance really, really. It is an erotic toy that can be controlled from its online application and that can connect the placer from 2 peopleno matter how far away they are.

Just have to synchronize the egg vibrator Lovense with the app, to be able to control it from anywhere. In addition, this version of the Lovense Lush vibrating egg can be connected to any music playlist.

allows to create custom patterns of vibration for later use. Work with 7 different vibration modes, from soft to very very strong.

Vandelay Wireless Clitoral Massager

Let’s see, if you take a look at the details of this clit massager wireless especially chosen by Amazon within its category, it may lead you to think that you are in front of a conventional electric massager like any other. Nothing is further from reality.

It’s one of the best sex toys for Valentine’s Day that can be found. It is resistant to water and splashes. This clitoral massager is very comfortable.

Offers a duration of battery above of the 2 hours. Beyond that, and even if the body can hold on, well, it would be over, right?

Vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2

It is clear that the Satisfyer Pro 2 vibrator It could not be missing from our list with the recommendations of the best erotic toys for Valentine’s Day. Among more than 45,000 people who have valued this purchase in front of you, the 73% has done with 5 stars.

Normal that people did not stop talking about this gadget of pleasure. The Satisfyer Pro 2 vibrator helps to achieve multiple orgasms Y more intense. There are very few things that can compare to it in terms of pleasure.

You just have to press the lower button for about 2 seconds, to start with the first of its 11 intensity levels Pleasure.

Erotic dice for couples

We end up with something of a lifetime, these erotic dice for couples of Bigh. The way of use, logically, is very simple. These erotic dice for couples are used to indicate what you can do to your partner and what she has to do to you.

The pack includes 6 erotic dice for pairs, but it is not necessary to use all of them in the same roll. You can use 2, 3 or all 6 for the full spicy experience.

They are perfect to get out of the routine, let your mind fly, innovate with preliminaries and try all kinds of postures. different from the usual, or not. Lips, thigh, ears, licking, pinching, biting, kissing…

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