the spring of the church



The constant accusations of pedophilia that the Catholic clergy is suffering have placed the Church in a situation of disrepute unparalleled in recent centuries. Of course, many of these accusations are false, many others are unprovable or will prove prescribed. But the fact that hundreds of Catholic religious have perpetrated revolting abuses against children and that their bishops have covered up their clumsy actions, apart from the discredit it inflicts on the Church, terribly erodes the faith of the faithful.

All this would, however, be easily remedied if the ecclesiastical hierarchies had enough courage to identify the cause of the evil and use the necessary remedies to combat it. But that courage is conspicuous by its absence. The generation that governs the Church today

it has suckled from the sterile breasts of Vatican II: it is a generation that, deep down, knows that it has made a terrifying mistake, but will never admit it, because it would be as much as condemning its biography. And the world knows how to take advantage of this weakness.

The sexual amoralism that the world promotes entered, like little smoke from Satan, through the secondary Vatican cracks; and, once the Church was smoked, the world has launched to expose it in the public pillory. Of course, the world is not interested in the clarification of what happened, much less the purification of the Church, but rather its conversion into a tremulous rag that, to avoid scandal, acquiesces to its slogans. This is exactly what the ecclesiastical hierarchies are doing, who have no courage to point out the root causes of pederasty, for fear of unleashing the wrath of the world (which, of course, promotes, jelly and finances these causes). Thus, a prisoner of a failed generation that does not want to renounce the Vatican’s errors and that has no courage to combat pederasty in its deep causes, the Church dedicates itself to an inane posturing, putting itself in the wake of all the systemic rubbish promoted by the gentlemen of the world.

In a passage of the Gospel (Mt 19, 12), Christ establishes that there is only one type of “eunuchs” who can be worthy priests. They are those who become eunuchs “for the kingdom of heaven”; that is to say, the men who order their chastity to contemplation, for which it is necessary to make an effort in prayer and abandon the reckless activism and compadre with the world that promoted Vatican II so much. Instead, Christ completely discards the other two types of “eunuchs”, which Vatican II happily incorporated into the stew. Sin leads penance; but penances are only profitable when sin is renounced. Which means abjuring that ‘spring of the Church’ that has brought us this glacial winter; but that can only be done by a new generation that abominates the second Vatican delusions. Assuming, of course, that the icy cold is not an announcement of an ice age.

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