The SP’s bold advertising for vaccination

The girl sadly looks from the poster. “I want” is written above it in large letters, and below it in smaller letters: “not to lose you”. Below that was the resolution: You should get vaccinated now.

This week, after the decision in the Federal Council, the corona vaccination obligation will come into force. Immediately before that, the SP Upper Austria started its own “vaccination campaign” – the described poster, which obviously alludes to the deadly threat of the virus, is part of it. It should be visible in around 1000 places in Upper Austria, say SP state manager Georg Brockmeyer and the third state parliament president and upper SP health spokesman Peter Binder. There will also be radio spots – what pleases the two SP politicians is that the campaign is inexpensive: “Sponsors from business” have been won, reports Brockmeyer. Printing and video production costs remained for the party.

“400,000 still unvaccinated”

But why a separate SP vaccination campaign now? The pandemic is “not yet abating,” says Binder, in Upper Austria alone there are still around 400,000 people who have not yet been vaccinated, and “infection levels are peaking”. In addition, there are the opening steps announced by the federal government, which are “popular” but which the SP is “skeptical” about.

An “effective vaccination campaign” by the state of Upper Austria has been missing since the summer, says Binder, which is why he now sees his party called upon to “make a social contribution”. They even do without the SP logo on the posters.

A first reaction came from the FP. “Using crying children for vaccination advertising is simply scandalous!” Club chairman Herwig Mahr reacted to the presented poster motifs. According to Mahr, “there is nothing against honest information. But that is just ungustative and unreflected propaganda.” He called on the SP to stop the “hair-raising” campaign.

Binder doesn’t see it that way, of course. It is clear that a campaign must also attract attention, it should “point out the importance and necessity of vaccination”. In addition, all mayors and officials are called upon to promote vaccination.

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