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The presentation of the new book Ferran Garrido It will take place next Thursday, February 10 at 7:30 p.m. This time it will be a very unconventional, different act: a marriage of music and poetry in the Cultural Area room of El Corte Inglés in Callao in Madrid. The book will be presented by the writer Rafael Soler, Literary Critics Award.

One of the peculiarities of this presentation is the fusion between the music and the poetry. The composer Nacho Mañó (Presuntos Implicados) puts music to some of the author’s poems. The singer Gisela Renes will be in charge of giving voice to the verses in a very special musical event that will close the presentation ceremony in an afternoon of poetry, literature and music.

The act will observe all anticovid measures.

“I write you this letter” is the last book of poems by the journalist Ferran Garrido. With thousands of followers on social networks, his poetry returns to printed paper hand in hand with the publisher oléBooks, in which it is perhaps the most personal collection of poems published by the writer, one of the most outstanding Spanish poets of the poetry of experience movement.

In this work, Ferran Garrido offers us a mature, direct, simple poetry, who does not lose that immediacy of the journalism in which he lives, but who directs the messages of each poem like darts written with the soul of the epistolary genre to resurrect with his verses those letters that we all wanted to write once.

His work circulates through social networks and is popularized by tweets to reach thousands of followers both in Europe and America, but he is a writer attached to paper, who loves the touch and smell of books, and who prefers to pick up a pen to write rather than stand before a keyboard.

This is his third book of poems, the fourth if we count the anthology “Poetas del Ateneo” in which he participated. “I’m writing this letter to you” comes after the publication of “The Inhabited Absence” (2014) and “Reflections” (2018).

I write you this letter, by Ferran Garrido
I am writing you this letter, from Ferran Garrido – ABC

On this occasion, the peculiarity of the work makes it especially suitable for the musicality of the literary message. For this reason, a great composer of the stature of Nacho Mañó from Presuntos Implicados, one of the greats on the Spanish music scene and author of unforgettable songs, puts music to the verses of Ferran Garrido, some verses that we will hear in the voice of the singer Gisela Renes. It is a first approach to this joint work that can be the beginning of a new poetic and musical experience.

Ferran, moreover, has just recently published a collective literary project, «Ñ» in which he shares pages with 21 authors such as Manuel Vicent, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Luis María Ansón, Rafael Soler, Quique Dacosta, Susana Gisbert or the cartoonist José María Nieto, among others, and which has become a publishing phenomenon.

Ferran Garrido continues to offer us his romanticism, his sincerity and that continuous demand for freedom that lives in the literary heritage of the Generation of 27, of the post-war poets and the masters of 98, with the eternal presence in his work of the influence of Luis Cernuda, Vicente Aleixandre, Federico García Lorca, Luis Rosales, Miguel Hernández, Antonio Machado and Jaime Gil de Biedma.

37 years of professional journalism, editor of Spanish Television, where he has been Head of News for RTVE in the Valencian Community, Coordinator of TVE Programs, News Editor and Sports Coordinator. He has traveled half the world in international news coverage. On radio, he passed through the microphones of Radio Juventud, Radiocadena Española and Radio Nacional de España. He is currently part of the newsroom of TVE’s Weekend Newscast. He has never left the written press and, for years, he has been a regular columnist on the pages of the newspaper ABC. He was a contributor to Las Provincias, Diario de Valencia and Superdeporte.

His work has been recognized with the National Journalism Award for young professionals 1990, Ateneo de Valencia Journalism Award 2015, Distinction from the College of Psychologists 1993, INSVACOR Journalism Award 1992, with the “Pare Antoni” Award 2019, Manises Journalism Award 2014…

The world of literature has distinguished him with the second International Prize for Literature «Rey Felipe VI» 2019, curiously not for his poetic work but for his narrative, with the BAI Poetry Prize 2018 and with the Medal of Literary Merit 2019.

The book’s presentation will be attended by the editor Toni Alcolea, the photographer Pedro Ignacio Fernández and the book will be presented by the writer Rafael Soler.

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