Aid of 458,000 euros from the Board for companies and municipalities of the Tablas de Daimiel and Cabañeros




The Minister of Sustainable Development, Joseph Louis Escudero, has given account, during the press conference on matters related to the Government Council of Castilla-La Mancha, of the aid published this Tuesday by the Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha (DOCM) to boost the areas of influence of the Cabañeros and Las Tablas de Daimiel National Parks.

Escudero has detailed that they amount to 458,273 euros; and nine municipalities in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, with a population close to 38,000 inhabitants, will benefit from them, as well as individuals and companies from the municipalities of these regions that are betting on active nature tourism « thanks to these two jewels of our natural spaces”, the Board reported in a press release.

In this sense, it has stressed that these incentives promote local economic development by combining progress and environmental conservation. “The preservation of the natural heritage is a priority for the Garcia-Page Executive, which promotes the revitalization of its rural areas from sustainability to generate wealth in our most depopulated areas, contributing to the demographic challenge that lies ahead”, he stated.

The distribution of the 2022 calls in the area of ​​the Cabañeros National Park amounts to more than 347,353 euros, while aid to the socioeconomic area of ​​influence of the Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park represents an investment of 110,920 euros.

Nine municipalities benefited

Specifically, in the province of Ciudad Real, the funds go to seven municipalities: Alcoba de los Montes (47,455.91 euros), Retuerta del Bullaque (19,849.72 euros), Horcajo de los Montes (27,663.51 euros), Navas de Estena (42,526.92 euros) Torralba de Calatrava (7,942.15 euros), Villarrubia de los Ojos (29,087.03 euros) and Daimiel (41,840.20 euros).

For its part, in the province of Toledo, the two benefited towns and the distribution of the aid is for Los Navalucillos (35,248.05 euros) and Hontanar (18,302.24 euros). These subsidies, convened under a direct concession regime, are included in the General Budgets of Castilla-La Mancha and are directed to various projects of a different nature.

In the Navalucillos, the aid will be dedicated to the rehabilitation and tillage next to the centennial oak; in Horcajo de los Montes to the modernization of different urban infrastructures; in Retuerta del Bullaque to the improvement of the drinking water supply network; in Navas de Estena to phase two of the covered sports court.

In Hontanar, the incentives will go to the paving of different streets; in Alcoba, the execution of urban, peri-urban and rural infrastructure modernization works; in Daimiel, the adaptation of the pedestrian path and conditioning of the access road to the Laguna de Navaseca; in Torralba de Calatrava to the construction of a children’s playground in the area of ​​San Isidro and in Villarrubia de los Ojos to the improvement and adaptation of the municipal clean point, and the installation of a professional meteorological and agricultural observatory.

The second resolution of the Daimiel Tables amounts to 188,370.65 euros and is addressed to business entities, individuals and non-profit institutions residing in the socioeconomic areas of influence of both national parks.

In addition, the counselor highlighted that they aim to “improve the level and quality of life of the population in the socioeconomic area of ​​influence of these two national parks, which are an important asset for local economic development.”

The management of these grants is joint between the Government of Castilla-La Mancha and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the Autonomous Organization of National Parks (OAPN), with funding that is distributed in a similar way each year to continue boosting the local economies of the areas near the parks.

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