Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez announce that they are getting married




The relationship of Jesse Rodriguez Y aura ruiz was dotted with controversy since June 2017, the date of the birth of their only child in common, Nyan, who was born with a serious illness that required 24-hour care. In addition, coinciding with the arrival of their offspring in the world, the couple broke up and the footballer turned the page with Janira Barm, with whom he also cut after having a son.

Throughout these years, Aurah has been in charge of proclaiming to the four winds the absence of Jesé in her son’s life and both have had to face each other in court. The war between the two reached such a point that the footballer was forced to sue his ex for harassment and it seemed that nothing and no one could make them bury the hatchet.

Until August 2020 when the former couple was photographed enjoying a day together at the Holidayworld Maspalomas Amusement Park in Gran Canaria. Since then the ups and downs in their relationship have been a constant.

Now the couple has surprised all their followers by announcing that they are getting married. “Yes, I want! These two words have been the answer to the question that I have thought about the most in my life and your answer, baby, is the beginning of everything. I really wanted to shout to the whole world that the love of my life wants to be with me, forever, that we will no longer be her or me, very soon we will be “Us”. This day was the most special and beautiful of those that I have lived with you, baby after so many years…. It has not been easy to get here, so many good and bad moments from which we have learned and that have served to finally make us stronger, more mature and wish to unite our lives forever…».

«Impossible not to remember every moment lived by your side, I still remember with great enthusiasm the first time we spoke, and I keep forever the first time we kissed… I never doubted that you are the woman of my life and luckily, in this life I already I found you, but if there are others I would look for you because you have a huge and unique heart. I would never get tired of looking for you and that is why I want you to be my travel companion for the rest of my life, because without you nothing makes sense… you are the compass that guides me and the owner of my destiny… I could write you many more things but I prefer that we live them together and in the future we can write a book where we tell that true love is capable of conquering everything and everyone. Love always wins. Love always win. I love you, I love you, I adore you my treasure. Forever together », the footballer has written on his Instagram profile along with a series of images of the request.

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