Austria’s ex-vice chancellor Strache: further charges of corruption

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Ibiza, Dubai, Vienna: Heinz-Christian Strache has to answer to another allegation of bribery in court © Georg Hochmuth / dpa

Austria’s former Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has been charged with corruption in another case.

Vienna – An entrepreneur granted the right-wing politician advantages and donated money to an association that is close to the FPÖ, the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna said on Tuesday. In return, during Strache’s tenure from 2017 to 2019, he received a position on the supervisory board of the state motorway operator Asfinag. Both face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Strache was sentenced to 15 months suspended sentence in October 2021 for bribery. The court found it proven that he helped the owner of a private clinic to bring about a beneficial change in the law. In return, donations are said to have flowed to the FPÖ, of which Strache was chairman at the time. The verdict is not yet legally binding. The public prosecutor’s office has not yet announced details of the new facility.

However, it is known from the Ibiza investigative committee in Parliament that the real estate entrepreneur donated 10,000 euros to the FPÖ-affiliated association before the 2017 election. After he became a member of the supervisory board, another 10,000 euros flowed in. According to information from the German Press Agency, the indictment also relates to an invitation to Dubai, which Strache did not accept. The ex-vice chancellor told the APA news agency that he would refute the allegations in court. (dpa)

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