Bolivia wants to reappraise cases of rape and femicide

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Justice for Bolivia: After protests against violence against women, cases of rape and femicide are now to be reappraised © Radoslaw Czajkowski / picture alliance

After hundreds of women protested against violence and femicide in various cities in Bolivia, the Bolivian President announced that he would set up a commission to investigate cases of rape and femicide.

La Paz – “In light of the worrying situation and the behavior of judges and judicial staff, we have ordered the establishment of a commission to review rape and femicide cases in which those convicted were released,” Luis Arce wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. The Commission must present the results within 120 days. The formation of such a commission was one of the demands of the demonstrators.

Women from five departments in the South American country demonstrated on Monday against impunity for violence against women. Photos showed, among other things, how they held up photos of those who had been murdered and how they called for justice on posters. In the important cities of La Paz, El Alto, Santa Cruz and Potosí, they marched in front of the palaces of justice and blocked central squares, some of them completely in black.

The demand for justice in the face of violence against women and femicide, i.e. the murder of women because of their gender, is heard again and again in Bolivia and in other Latin American countries. In the Andean country, the case of a convicted murderer of women, who was granted house arrest despite a 30-year prison sentence, caused outrage. This also sparked the protests. (dpa)

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