Bovenschulte calls for uniform rules in all countries

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Bremen’s Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte calls for uniform rules in all countries © Sina Schuldt/dpa

The Mayor of Bremen, Andreas Bovenschulte, is calling for the federal states to prepare for the upcoming relaxation of the corona rules.

Bremen – “It is not the right time to implement easing now,” said the SPD politician on Tuesday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. But it is time to debate the future rules before the next federal-state round on February 16.

“We need unified rules for retail in Germany,” said Bovenschulte. According to his idea, access to shops should only be abolished for vaccinated and recovered people (2G) and replaced by a continuous mask requirement.

At major events, a sense of proportion is needed to “allow spectators to a limited extent”. But it is precisely on this point that the approaches of the countries are very different. “So far it has not been possible to agree on a common line.” (dpa)

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