Corona: Highest Tuesday value with 25,894 new infections

The interior and health ministries reported 25,894 more cases, the most on a Tuesday. A week ago it was almost 1,000 fewer. 24,946 new infections were registered at that time. On Tuesday there was also a new high of actively infected people. 307,212 people are currently confirmed to be corona positive. That is now significantly more than the entire population of Burgenland. According to Statistics Austria, 296,010 people lived in Burgenland on January 1, 2021.

24 more deaths have been reported since Monday, with 108 deaths in the past week alone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 14,127 people have died from or with a coronavirus infection, 158.1 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants.

The high case numbers are having an increasing impact on hospital occupancy. Within a day there was an increase of almost ten percent hospitalized. On Tuesday, 1,648 infected people across Austria needed treatment in hospital, 142 more than the day before. Within the past week, 364 additional Covid 19 patients had to be admitted as inpatients. The situation in the intensive care units is still stable. 180 seriously ill people had to be cared for here on Tuesday, two more than the day before.

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