Corona retreat from Lauterbach? Exception for unvaccinated caregivers

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From: Patrick Mayer

Federal Minister of Health: Karl Lauterbach from the SPD, in the background (centre) RKI boss Lothar Wieler. © IMAGO / Chris Emil Janssen

Karl Lauterbach meets with the health ministers of the federal states to discuss the vaccination requirement for nursing staff and the recovered status in the corona pandemic. These are the results.

Munich/Berlin – Karl Lauterbach (SPD)* had loaded. The Federal Minister of Health met his country colleagues virtually on Monday (January 31) via digital video link.

Urgent issues in the coronavirus pandemic in Germany* were on the agenda. Especially those for which there have not been any solutions recently. Questions before the Health Ministers’ Conference (GMK for short) were:

Discussion round with Karl Lauterbach: These were the corona questions at the conference of health ministers

  • Should the right to PCR tests be prioritized in the future?
  • Who decides how long the recovered status will last during the pandemic?
  • How long should those who have recovered be considered recovered after being infected with the corona virus?
  • May nursing staff continue to work (for the time being) after the facility-related compulsory vaccination has come into force?

The aim of the health ministers’ conference was to coordinate before the next federal-state round, which is planned in the Omicron wave* for mid-February. The heads of department should make decisions that will serve as a basis for the next Corona summit between the traffic light federal government and the 16 federal states (represented by the prime ministers). Based on various media reports, these are the results:

PCR tests, those who have recovered, unvaccinated nurses: these are the results of the corona GMK

  • Eligibility for PCR tests: All people in Germany should also have a right to it in the future. Despite capacity bottlenecks. Despite prioritization for jobs in critical infrastructure. This was explained by Saxony-Anhalt’s Health Minister Petra Grimm-Benne (SPD) according to the ARD “Tagesschau”.
  • Recovered Status: After a recent solo effort by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which arbitrarily shortened the status from six to three months, there was – figuratively speaking – a rebuke for RKI boss Lothar Wieler. the image quotes verbatim from the decision that “the relevant criteria (…) are again regulated directly in the text of the regulation”. Means: The competence is again clearly in Lauterbach’s ministry.
  • How long are recovered considered recovered? According to image a proposal by the Bavarian state government by Markus Söder (CSU)* to extend the status back to the original six months was rejected by a clear majority at the conference of health ministers. The proposal from Munich was followed by all the Union-led states plus Baden-Württemberg, where there has been a green-black state government made up of the Greens by Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and the CDU since 2016.
  • Can unvaccinated nurses continue to work? The facility-related vaccination requirement comes into force on March 16. But: Even after the official entry into force, unvaccinated people can continue to work in their hospitals and care facilities until a decision is made by the authorities. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health explained to the news portal Business Insider: “Until the health department has made the decision on a ban on entry or activity, the employees concerned may continue to be employed.”

In the video: Minister of Health – who is now entitled to a corona PCR test

Corona resolutions of the health ministers’ conference – backing down from Karl Lauterbach (SPD)?

Is that now a retreat from Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach? “Of course it will be the case that one or the other radical opponent of vaccination who works in care will then drop out. But then the question arises as to whether the person was even suitable for the job,” the Rhinelander said last week Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) said: “It is unacceptable for medical staff to deny scientific knowledge and even be willing to endanger patients.” (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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