With Rigoberta Bandini’s tit, a response has emerged that young people will typically consider ‘boomer’: “Nothing scary, I love them”. And it is true that fear is not, but there is a totemic, tetamic respect, like when Esteso and Pajares were hypnotized and salivating before a pair of breasts.

It is impossible not to remember Danuta here. The 80s were a crescendo of boobs. First it was Marta Sánchez, or maybe Sabrina. Who responded to whom? Marta was probably our answer to Sabrina’s mammary comet. When her breast jumped, all of us, adults and children, felt its gravity, its rebound, its exact weight, as if we were solving a mathematical problem by pure instinct: if Sabrina’s tit bounces like this, toink, toink,

toink, how much does it weigh? We knew it. And knowing it was like playing it, and this gave all the ‘debutantes’ a generational stamp. The Transition had been very leg-long (Bárbara Rey kidnapped in La Escopeta by the heir to the estate), and in the 80s a different fixation arose.

Marta, Sabrina, and then Samantha Fox, bustier and smaller, even more explosive (oh, Rafi Camino) and when it seemed impossible to improve it, when the proportions were already broken, Danuta arrived, who was Polish (when González Pons wants to bring them the ‘democracy’ I think that Danuta will receive him, that Pons’s prose will collide with Danuta’s tits). She was a kind of human expressionism, an almost unreal exaggeration. At that time we received blonde impressions like this: Brigitte Nielsen or Drago, the Russian boxer against Rocky. Danuta was that in tits and in her name there was also a disturbing eroticism, a heartbreaking assonance with something of the superlative (the tallest pivot was called Manute).

We read ‘Soon’ to find out about her. The photo impressed us for days, traumatized us, and we began impossible journeys of masturbation that jumped from one to another: Sabrina, Samantha, Danuta…

If the tobacconist from ‘Amarcord’ was a boob for longer, a breast enlarged by memory, Danuta gave us boobs without time. Everything was already in them, put into them. We went out like this to life (we went out?), with the melancholy measure of Danuta

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