Kamala Harris came dangerously close to an explosive device on January 6th

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Kamala Harris speaks in Statuary Hall at the US Capitol to mark the anniversary of the storming of the US Capitol. (Archive image) © Andrew Harnik/AP/dpa

As has now become known, US Vice President Kamala Harris came dangerously close to a pipe bomb when storming the Capitol. Their motorcade passed just a few meters away from the explosive device.

According to a report, today’s Vice President Kamala Harris was near a pipe bomb on the day the US Capitol was stormed.

On January 6, 2021, Harris drove past just a few meters from the explosive device with her motorcade, the broadcaster CNN reported, citing several security officials. The pipe bomb was hidden under a park bench near the Democratic Party headquarters in the US capital Washington.

It is still unclear who planted the bombs

Harris finally stayed at the party headquarters for around two hours. It was already known that Harris was taken to safety from party headquarters after the bomb was discovered. However, according to CNN, their proximity to the bomb in the motorcade and the length of time they stayed at the headquarters are new.

Harris was not yet sworn in as Vice President, but was already protected by the Secret Service. An explosive device was also discovered that day in front of Republican Party headquarters. Both bombs were defused – it is still unclear who planted the bombs there. “These pipe bombs were operational explosive devices that could have detonated, seriously injuring or killing innocent bystanders,” the FBI said last September. Supporters of then President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on January 6th. dpa


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